Followup on this: the archlinux install uses gdm3, while debian was attempting to use sddm. sddm was crashing for some reason.

Bug report submitted to maintainer, and I'm using gdm3 or startx in the meantime, depending on my mood.

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Updating the nvidia-driver package in Debian's sid is always an adventure. And not a pleasant one. Running nouveau now, pending resolution. (Side note, ArchLinux is rocking the same driver version.)

I'm REALLY glad I didn't buy an Oculus after yesterday's debacle!

Not surprising after the 60 Minutes interview last night, but Facebook is down.

it's getting to be crystal radio time again. this isn't mine, posting as inspiration.

My phone freaked me out today, when I restarted it and an image of a dead android with an exclamation point in the middle of it popped up. It eventually booted up. Um, new phone in my future?

It looks like the "no sound without putting the computer to sleep or hard reboot after going from Windows10 to linux" is related to the Realtek ALC1220 chipset. The fix in the log posting below doesn't work for me, probably related to the latest kernel version I suppose. Anyways, it's a known problem with an annoying work around. When you get up and running again maybe you can see what chipset you have?

Any other solutions welcome too.

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