@Clifford, firmware updates for Samsung SSDs? Noticed that on Windows machine, have you ever done that on Linux? I guess you need to download an iso to a flashdrive and boot into that. Kinda scary shite.

what would you do if you woke up in the morning and had two gigantic feet? like, half the size of your legs.

@Clifford , back for a look see today. Got a new front panel usb-c port to install today, then a bluetooth project, then some hotstints to get my sim-speed up. Busy day.

@Clifford It is absolutely mind-blowing how fast I can tranfer multi-gigs of data between two SSDs with rsync!

@Clifford - Crystal Radio #2 project is complete. My rendition of the Jane Russell radio. Sensitivity and selectivity and much better than my first project, may be due to the spider coil in this design. Spider coil made from 660, 46GA litz wire.

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