Looks great, but I have enough stressors in my life already

@Clifford , is there a way to delete a notification here? I got a .vbs file that I'm sure is nothing but trouble.

Ok, what the hell? I saw Windex ripped off a Laibach song, "Life is LIfe". Windex will surely burn in hell for this one.

Laibach: youtube.com/watch?v=OC73Os9NmZ

Shameless commercial ripoff: youtube.com/watch?v=8nG49-o7Kf

Coffee grounds in the coffee solved. Instead of cheap Aldi paper filters, got Bunn filters. Those are about 7mm taller. Maybe I can use a finer grind now.

solved. it's a programmable button, buried in the menus. found and done.

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Are there any AMS2 sim racers around that can tell me how to disable the tire info HUD that fills my display during gameplay? Tried everything, except what works apparently.

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