@Clifford It is absolutely mind-blowing how fast I can tranfer multi-gigs of data between two SSDs with rsync!

@Clifford - Crystal Radio #2 project is complete. My rendition of the Jane Russell radio. Sensitivity and selectivity and much better than my first project, may be due to the spider coil in this design. Spider coil made from 660, 46GA litz wire.

still need a couple of mounting bases for my next crystal radio build. spiderweb contra coils and litz wire! soon I hope

@Clifford , DDG or Startpage... GO! (feel free to expand the audience)

@Clifford , most concerning of this is the response from AMD:

The research team said it notified AMD of the two issues in August 2019, however, the company has not released microcode (CPU firmware) updates, claiming these "are not new speculation-based attacks," a statement that the research team disagrees with.

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