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We're very excited to announce today a partnership with @iXsystems bringing an official #Nextcloud app to over 1 million @freenas systems! Tomorrow, 5PM Berlin/8AM Cali time we'll do a live Q&A with raffle, so stay tuned for more!

I actually laughed at this one, which probably means I'm super lame.

Just spent an hour in a jitsi meet to walk a friend through setting up lastpass and 2fa since he was hit by the whole twitch thing. He recycles a lot of passwords as well so it was a good thing we walked through it all. Digital hygiene, if you will. Stay safe out there friends.

Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░ 76.7%

Not quite what I was going for, but some fun weird wigglies nonetheless. :D

In french we don't say "I have other things to do" but "I have other cats to whip" and I think that's beautiful

Alright fedi friends, who’s good to follow? Looking to expand my sprawl.

Man. I need to get my ass to bed. Patched my personal infra and services and boy does time creep up on you 😅

Can't get in their own datacenters.... i am laughing so hard... out of breath....

Alright, looking at the data for month, here are my porker circuits. 1300kWh of ~2000kWh accounted for. 600kWh goes to lights, rooms, computers, garage, networking, etc.

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Alright, first full month on . Used 611kWh from the grid. I suppose when factoring in this supported an American household of 5 and also fueled an electric car, this is pretty awesome. The numbers don’t line up exactly because my solar app works on months and not custom date’s whereas my electric utility is split between two months. I know a good chunk of my utility spend is climate control. With autumn incoming, should see considerably less use.

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