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Just a little bit on the chilly side; 13°C at the river bank. Might be time to update my North Tyne temperature synopsis from "refreshing" all the way up to "invigorating"...! 😂 #wildswimming #gopro

Since Autumn is around the corner, I’ve been enjoying more bonfires and coffee outside on the porch. Best season, don’t @ me🎃🍂🍁


#Discourse also implementing #ActivityPub (joining the Fediverse) is great news! Thanks for sharing!

Here is a forum thread with more details on it. The linked post contains links to other related threads.

Is there anyone here by chance who is a game developer and who has received a Steam Deck devkit? #steamdeck #devkit #gamedev

Installing some doors today. Fucking hate installing doors. So…when it doesn’t work…get out the hand planner and do your best.

Alright new thread for installing a hidden door. I’ve got the jamb in place and about to shim it up. Let’s go…

I need to go right to fucking bed. I just bought a leopard spotted faux fur coat for me.

That’s a wrap! Flooring is done! Bathroom had a shit load of cuts. Glad it’s done! Celebratory midnight midweek beer!

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