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Over the weekend Storm Arwen arrived, decimating the remains of autumn and bringing winter with it. 🥶

It was also my Dad’s birthday. Time to go for a birthday hike in the snow!

More photos are available for you, right here -> 👍

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🎉🎉🎉🖖 #PeerTube v4 is out! 🖖🎉🎉🎉

Customization, content discovery, empowering through more control… Our free-libre and federated alternative to YouTube takes the power back to you!


Friends, I want you to know that roosters have a growth called a spur to mess your life up. That is all.

Look everyone. Stop the bullshit right now. The “raptors” in Jurassic Park/world aren’t velociraptors. It’s Deinonychus.

Day in Photos

It was long, mostly very boring, with some interesting highlights.

Tomorrow I’ll have more of this. Maybe it’s better. At least it’s an hour shorter.

For comparison, here is what my front yard sounds like this morning. The constant Bell Miner calls make up a lot of the sounds, but there are a range of other birds including Lorikeets, Magpies, Doves/Pigeons and probably a King Parrot or two, and of course Cicadas.

#sound #SoundScape #day #forest

Shout out to @Chocobozzz for a quick assist on an issue I was having with a few slow videos on my instance. Great project and great community.

What is with the modern aversion to buttons? Cars & phones are entirely on unreliable & error prone touchscreens... and TV's & monitors hide all the buttons in the back, so you have to rely entirely on the remote control or memorize the buttons...

Thoughts while the dog chews the remote...

There are a lot of nice things about an electric car, but an underrated perk is warning that car up on cold mornings with the garage door closed. 🔥

With the blessing of the inspector before I get the final inspection, I am allowed to setup my desk in my office. This will help my headspace immensely as I’ve been working from my kitchen for the past 3 months. Still have to do some quarter round, caulk, and filling in some holes in the trim but for the most part, we are in good shape.

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