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Alright, moved into the new place. Much harder when you have 3 kids 😅 Done though. We close on our old house on Monday so that’ll be nice to get that off of our plates. Any who, I’m back. More shit posts and more garbage posts to follow.

Skull rising out of the ... Let's call it water, shall we? Coloured versions of a brush pen line art drawing.
CW: non-graphic horror #art #mastoart #goretober

Alright, how long is that fly going to camp on Pence? Some one needs to get fly some marshmallows!

@Clifford - Crystal Radio #2 project is complete. My rendition of the Jane Russell radio. Sensitivity and selectivity and much better than my first project, may be due to the spider coil in this design. Spider coil made from 660, 46GA litz wire.

Aright fedi, I’m about to put some shit into your 🧠

Bernie Sanders was in the original Creepshow. Proof...

Give this man his fucking Father’s Day cake. 🎂

It’s always when you tell yourself “I don’t need to stop to piss, I’ll get to my destination in an hour or so” when you fucking hit a standstill 😓

My wife’s brother is a mover and is coming up to help us pack and move for the next week. Did him a solid so he didn’t have to come across anything he didn’t want to find. Labeled accordingly...

In the past two months I’ve only bought the following things from amazon:
* Box of led can light replacements
* a blue ray, mid 90s
* a carpet cleaner

I’d like to go a full month of not spending any money with them. 🤞

My wife just had me turn the heat on 😓 I think the house feels lovely.

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