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TIL That the dude who played Bigfoot in Harry and the Hendersons also played the predator AFTER Jean-Claude Van Damme was fired.

One of my favorite facts about is that it’s highest elevation is effectively in a corn field. The southern part of our state has substantially more hilly terrain but it’s relative.

We mostly celebrate mediocrity here and our summit isn’t above that 😎🏔

I won’t click sensational or click baity headlines…with a few exceptions. You mention anything on cryptozoology and I’m going to click it every time.

Chupacabra? CLICK IT!
Bigfoot? CLICK IT!
Nessie? CLICK IT!
Beast of Busco? CLICK IT!
Fucking Bat Boy? 👏 CLICK 👏 IT 👏

Oh by the way, you wouldn't happen to know of an instance dedicated to crafting?

I'm especially interested in woodworking, but as long as it's mostly english or french speaking I'll be happy!

Boosts appreciated

Robert (@userthree) asked about theoretical uses for #blackHoles a month or so back on one of my intro posts/threads, so here we go!

(Image is a screencap of unknown origin, please reply if you know!)
#speculativeFiction #sciFi #science #astronomy #astrophysics

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Getting some dental work done and taking in the full Bob Ross experience.

I've been using Jetbrains tools and have really liked it so far.

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Hot take of the day.

I've been using as my IDE for sometime now. I've extended it pretty far with a lot of plugins for things like code completion, syntax highlighting, linting, code folding, etc.

These are all basic tenants of proper IDEs that ship that way by default and instead use a single plugin to enable keybindings.

Walk me back from the ledge. Why extend vim so dramatically when there are off the shelf IDEs that support this functionality + other quality of life tooling.

Hi #devs in #tech!
We're thinking about the best way to export/import #PeerTube account/chain data from one instance to another.

Do you know of any export protocols or conventions?

the disaster recovery plans for quite a lot of companies....

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