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#showMeYourDeck #skateboarding

My Andy Anderson 9.12 flight deck. Still lovin' it. It is also super sturdy. Nothing chiped of yet. Always feels strange when I occasionally ride a smaller deck from my friends. One rail broke of and I had to replace it.


Mostly use it for rolling around so it isn’t to terribly beat up. I’m old, leave me alone 👴

I am looking for someone awesome to join our team. Backend engineer. Let me know if it sounds remotely interesting to you.

Hey! Tell me about your favorite indie games.

Platformers, RPGs, Puzzle Games, Adventure games. Maybe other stuff, but not FPSs.

I'm looking for stuff made by small teams or individuals, weird, game jam entries, unfinished, all fine.

It needs to run on linux, or run in an emulator that exists on linux.

Just something I can play for a bit.

I love reading about map distortions. Found this handy little page on a few different maps and their corrective actions for unwrapping a 3d shape onto a single plane for a few different types. Topology is wild! Pictured is the most accurate 2d map, called authograph.

I need to try again. It’s been a pretty long time and I was having issues with stability. I’ve used it off and on for years and that’s always been an issue. BUT…a month or so ago I found I had some bad ram and that probably has had more to do with it than kdenlive stability. I’m thinking about making a spoof commercial of some kind.

Trix, Queen of the Tyrant Lizards

Specimen RGM.792000 was named Trix by the Naturalis museum after a public naming contest. The name is a reference to (former) Dutch queen Beatrix, known colloquially as Trix.

📢 We're documenting and translating #FreeCAD in preparation for v0.20 release soon. If this is something you'd like to help with?
Please post to this thread #volunteer #FLOSS #FOSS #OpenSource #translation

Not sure it is related, but it seem like since Elon Musk "bought" Twitter nice things happen every day. #introduction just joined the Fediverse & immediately with their own server! Welcome @jscaux
😊 🎉 ⚛️

SciPost does amazingly well trying something really hard: to build from scratch a modern complete publishing infrastructure system one would design had we not had the legacy of paper journals.

#CommunityOwnership #OpenInfrastructure #OpenAccess #OpenCitations
#FeeFree #NonProfit

trying to give away 17+ arduino UNOs and components(please boost) 

i used to work with intro cs education and amassed these small arduino kits we put together for a failed project. kits contain (full list below) an arduino uno, breadboard, jumpers, leds, resistors, etc. i've been carrying it around for a few years and want to give it away to people who would actually use it.

so im giving these away to anyone who wants them shipped. ideally i would give away the whole lot to someone, but if no one wants the whole lot i'm willing to ship out small individual packages. covering shipping costs is appreciated but if you can't that's okay.

please respond to this or dm me if you're interested in the whole lot or any smaller amounts!

- 24 small component bags
8 220Ohm resistors
4 200Ohm resistors
2 10kOhm resistors
4 LEDs: white, blue, green, red
1 laser diode (I can check details)
1 photoresistor (I can check details)
2 small push buttons

- 18 64x(?) jumper bundles
- 19 USB A to B cables
- 17 Arduino UNOs
- 20 medium breadboards

- 1 box of random cables, breadboards and jumpers of different kinds

Dr Abbie Stevens is a professional astronomer who researches black holes and neutron stars, and often posts on the topic. You can follow her at:

➡️ @alstev

Stevens also has a website at

#DrAbbie #AbigailStevens #Science #Scientist #Scientists #Astronomy #Astronomer #Astronomers #Research #Space #Stars #BlackHoles #BlackHole #NeutronStars #NeutronStar #Academic

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