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A new #painting – the fabulous fabrosaur Lesothosaurus checks out a burrow in Early Jurassic Lesotho.

#Mastoart #Dinosaurs

Hey friends. I’ve had my booster today so I’m feeling a little out of energy tonight. But I did just find out that you can be a cowboy for free on steam with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger! Has a platinum rating on protondb so you play on .

So I feel like the weapons have to be a double entendre for peen. Who's playing?

My oldest daughter will claim food for her lunch she packs for school. It’s like a dog guarding their food bowl…but with less teeth and more growling.


I'm not sure why but I struggle with formulating list comprehensions that have any real meaning. It's probably because I don't work much with lists types very often. But as a data structure goes...they seem to be pretty nice. I just wish my baby brain would understand them more natually.

Anyone have any pointers on wrapping your skull around them?

Alright friends. Do you like macabre music? Do you like ? Looking for some new to put in your ears?

Not sure we can dump into a genre...but it's really good..kinda folky I suppose. Put this in your ears and embrace an independent artist from .

The show must go on, even if it dipped below -10C today, and the sun didn't get very high above the horizon... But friends from near and far still came for the #Lumiukko concert which totally warmed my heart 💖 Had a wonderful time catching up over glögi with lovely views to boot.


Hello friends. I’d like to offer a warm welcome to @indygwyn to the . He’s a real world nerd friend who is super knowledgeable on , , , and a plethora of other related topics. He takes his seriously and uses a French press.

The webserver is kinda cool as well:

pydoc -b
^ starts a server that you can search and click links to dive into modules.

Learned a bit tonight. Now I'm going to bed. Happy hacking friends!

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Well, I think I may have something pretty useful. pydoc runs from the cli and can even optionally spin up a local webserver with all your local modules docstring info.

Useful commands:

^ Good replacement for dropping into an interactive python session and using help()

pydoc -k SEARCH_TERM
^ This is the money shot. Returns pattern matches within the docstrings and returns the module names to further RTFM.

Probably as good as it's going to get for me.

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Question for my nerds out there. To see if something is in the standard does one go about looking for something arbitrary without the internet?

For instance, I know I can look up information on a specific module or method by using help(MODULE.METHOD()).

Say I'm looking for a method to hash files, how would I be able to find the module on my own?

I hate always having to search for shit online. Would rather read locally.

Oh this is pretty cool for star watchers. It’s an interactive light pollution map.

Have tickets to go see in March and I'm really looking forward to it. One of my favorites. Any who, current mode...

@ifixcoinops Follow up: slow down your life.

You don't need to do everything. Your kid doesn't need 8 hours of afterschool activities to succeed.

Plan out errands so you don't get in the car unnecessarily.

Ask yourself if you need it now or can it wait?

Consider walking/biking/transit when reasonable (what's reasonable grows over time).

Sooooo....accidentally deleted my config and boy did that hurt. I have all of my ~/ dot files in git...but have avoided adding anything not in my root of home dir. Lesson learned...

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