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Here is this voice transcript from my uncle. Bless his heart. You can tell how much he loves me by all of the blanks 🥰

Any one here using a Maslow cnc machine or an m2? Maybe I’ve asked this before? 🤔 @fortifieduniverse, didn’t you say you had one? Seriously considering building one once I get the basement done.

Drywall is done! Glad I outsourced this! Had I done this, it would have taken a year and only looked half as good. Ceiling texture needs some time to dry but hopefully I’ll be painting tomorrow.

Look at this mofucka back here hiding…I hear it’s got enough salt in a serving to kill someone.

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Alright, here it is. The international section…Europe specifically…

Totally going to buy some caramel stroopwafels.

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Alright we managed to ruin fucking yogurt. And love pumpkin spice….but leave the yogurt out of it.

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My wife has came home from a chiropractor consultation and boy of fucking boy…

These mofos were telling my wife that chiropractic care can cure autism and that new born babies need to be adjusted. I told her to walk out of that shit but she’s much too nice.

Fucking crooks. Not sure how that shit is legal. I’m sure they can help you quit smoking. Hell, they’ll probably cure Covid next. Woof.

Clouds looking like something fierce tonight. Sure does make for lovely weather though.

Probably also worth noting, my sports enjoyment peaked in the nineties. Mostly basketball and football. Even today, I still reviewing the legends from the time. Jordan and his Chicago Bulls, Charles Barkley and his Phoenix Suns, Shaq and his Orlando Magic, Troy Aikman and his Dallas Cowboys, Dan Marino and his Miami Dolphins. The list goes on. Not much into sports now, but the legends of my youth are just as awesome in my mind today as they were then.

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So I’m a big Mike Tyson fan. As a boxer, as a dude, as an entertainer in general. Came across an article around Ali and Tyson and it was wild seeing Mike get emotional. Can’t say I’ve seen it before. Regardless, good history and some good fights are in the article.

Alright, so the solar installers came out and took a few drone pictures of the install. Looks pretty awesome! I’m not back feeding to the grid yet because I don’t have the right meter yet, so I dump to the powerwalls and charge the car up when I start running out of room. It’s cool to see it all working though! Best day has been 72kWh and in the few weeks it has been up I’ve generated almost 500kWh. The whole thing was expensive, but it’ll pay off for a few different reasons over time.

Bandcamp Friday is tomorrow, so I am once again asking you for recommendations. If you have music on Bandcamp, reply with a link and I'll boost!

Iggy Army progress so far. Lightest green one done. Others are riffs on old paint jons over the years.

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