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Alright, so the solar installers came out and took a few drone pictures of the install. Looks pretty awesome! I’m not back feeding to the grid yet because I don’t have the right meter yet, so I dump to the powerwalls and charge the car up when I start running out of room. It’s cool to see it all working though! Best day has been 72kWh and in the few weeks it has been up I’ve generated almost 500kWh. The whole thing was expensive, but it’ll pay off for a few different reasons over time.

Bandcamp Friday is tomorrow, so I am once again asking you for recommendations. If you have music on Bandcamp, reply with a link and I'll boost!

Iggy Army progress so far. Lightest green one done. Others are riffs on old paint jons over the years.

Is there a consensus about caps added to the ends of PS cables? I understand they reduce ripple and make test numbers awesome, but, practically, are they necessary? They make building and routing difficult (at best).

I'm hiring again -- a cyber security engineer, with a focus on supercomputing and on-prem cloud (both VM style and k8s orchestration style).

Alright, someone needs to stop me. I'm looking at a record player just so I can buy a single from 1991. 🤔

If you are into old bands releasing new stuff, I highly encourage the new album by . Probably one of my favorites right here....

cw body horror 

🌹 Piece by piece 🌹
The last flower-themed illustration I did this year. Hope you enjoyed them.
#MastoArt #illustration

Alright, this mofo just passed his rough in inspection after adding the 3 outlets over the weekend😎

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