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Alright, finally getting around to recapping my 2 slot neogeo MVS board. Removed the rechargeable battery that was leaking and replaced it with a replaceable battery. I think it was something like 33 caps in all. Regardless, it’s cleaned and back in the temp cabinet.

Took a few hard drives apart for recycle. I didn’t realize how much aluminum was in these things.

Tearing apart another REALLY old desktop that’ll go straight to the recycle center and found this gem. Haven’t seen an ATI branded card in a hot minute! 1gb of ram on this HD5770 😍 Will include this with the above bits!

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Alright, another round of ! I’m decommissioning a desktop for a friend and have a few pieces of the guts up for grabs. 16gb of ddr3 ram, gigabyte am3+ mobo, and a AMD Phenom II X6 1090t processor.

As usual, first to claim gets dibs. I’ll box it up and give dims and my address so you can pay for a shipping label and it’s yours. Will ship from Indiana and will weight around a few lbs I imagine. Need to find a box, but I’d imagine shipping will cost ~$20 anywhere in the USA.

Should also say that the positions are in Virginia. But I think that is basically expected for jobs requiring clearance.

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Alright, my employer is offering a sweet ass referral bonus for SRE and DevOps engineers with Top Secret/SCI clearance. If you have those and experience in either discipline, hit me up for details!

With a heavy heart... the 2021 Amsterdam Blender Conference will move to next year. It is too early to commit to a massive event together.

#b3d #bcon21

Forgot to share these mofos from my last outing. I don’t even know what to say…🤔

I've posted pictures of the Indianapolis Children's Museum exhibit before but they are currently redesigning the exhibit. I know they are currently working on a of some sorts and I'm assuming they'll reuse the Rexs cause they rock. BUT...they are doing some aquatic dinosaurs and I'm not sure what they are 😻

Since the dino exhibit is shut down, they have a rex on display named bucky and a replica of Sue. She's massive and I'm glad I took a peak.

Lol, “Mass wiping” 😂🤣

Who is surprised that yet another consumer based device is terribly vulnerable when connected to the internet? RIP data.

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