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So the hot water heater install was a success. In whatever the eco mode is called, it sips on power at 400watts. In a regular week I was drawing about 70kWh for hot water. We'll see what this does, I but I expect it to be substantially less 🀞

Email subject from my insurance company:

"Your last visit may have cost you money. Learn how to avoid that"

I didn't open it, but I bet it either said "get gud" or hunker down and don't die.

This typical install diagram is what had me searching. I’ve never had a hot water heater with a condensate line so I was curious of they why.

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So I'm planning on getting my new water heater installed tonight. Doing it DIY. Installing a hybrid electric unit that will use a heat pump or an electrical heating element.

Any who the unit needs an air gap between the condensate line and the floor drain and had no idea why that would be needed.

Well, the internet is magical. It's so if your area floods, the airgap that is 6" will hopefully stay ABOVE that water since flood water isn't potable and you don't want to risk contamination.

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