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In what seemed like no-time I had left behind the few small buildings at the start of the walk. I was properly in the countryside.

The track follows the edge of the river for most of its distance, which I enjoyed. Hearing the sound of running water is always so soothing. The water creates so many different sounds, too.

#photo #photography #Highlands #Scotland #Outdoors

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Alright, critic score is garbage and audience score is a little higher than I'd put it. But none the less, it was good. Watched in VR with friend last night on Bigscreen. We should have a fedi movie date night. 😻

@Clifford i recently had someone similar send me a request on insta, i tried to direct them to a website that contained my info already but it just angered them

Didn’t you know the FBI send email via gmail. 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🕵️

Goodbye fedi. I’m rich, biatch!

does a great job recommending games to me. Homeless simulator and now this, a game about tax evasion and tearing down a corrupt government. 😎

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, for the curious:

One of my favorite NES games of all time is The Adventures of Dino Riki. I wanna see someone beat the first level without taking any damage. Stream it. Let's see it.

Hey peeps, we want to know what you're working on using #freecad

One of my favorite lines ever is a quote from one of their songs...

“ The only thing worth having
Is what can't be taken away”

Here, put it in your ears...

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Love it when old punk bands come out with new shit. If you love 80s and 90s , released a new song on Friday 🥰

To make it even sweeter, it’s part of a full length album brought to us by none other than ❤️🥰

Be still my heart...

My old neighbor has one of these. If it was electric, this would be a a no brainer.

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