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I need to do a better job of watching the federated timeline. Some real gems in there.

Alright, after everyone went to bed I jumped back into the cap kit for this monitor. Just over halfway done. This is probably the largest soldering/desoldering project I’ve taken on. Still have to remove and add 32 capacitors yet. Been fun though. Nice change of pace.

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It's easy to be a dick. It's easy to be dismissive. It's really easy to be apathetic. But to be sincere with critical feedback, done respectfully is a fine art. One that I'm sure I've got a way to go to master. But there was an attempt at work. Just hope I didn't lose any team karma.

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After writing this, this totally isn't limited to professional skills. This is a life skill. Giving critical feedback is tough.

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I think one of the hardest professional skills you can have isn't how great you are at the job, but the ability to relay critical feedback to a person in a respectable, clear, and concise way.

Not only is there your handling of it with the person/people but also how it is received/perceived by the other party. If your goal is anything other than "I want to voice this concern so we can get better", it's not a good strategy.

Not sure I did it well enough today, but I did it πŸ˜“

Alright, 12 capacitors removed...62 to go πŸ˜“

Recapping this monitor is going to take a minute. On the flip side...bought a desoldering iron and holy good god...I wish I would have bought one of these earlier πŸ₯°

Today's lunch:

Grilled Turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese + mayo + mustard

By grilled, I mean pan friend with smidge of butter. 100% delicious.

Who’s hungry for chips? Got the EEPROM variety, cooler ranch flavored.

New universe bios 4.0 chip for my 2 slot motherboard. πŸ˜»πŸ•Ή

πŸ‘ DON'T πŸ‘ BUY πŸ‘ FROM πŸ‘ SCALPERS πŸ‘

Been watching some classic movies. Not sure if it's everyone's definition of a classic though. Watched "Logan's Run" last night and today while wrapping up my work day, I'm watching "Karate Kid".

You remember when streaming movies from Netflix and Amazon prime was impossible on Linux? I know I know, DRM in the browser...

My wife is moving furniture around and it is seriously fucking me up. I'm all about change...apparently not with furniture though. 😰

These are taken, thanks for looking everyone! Glad to have kept it out of a landfill or a cabinet drawer of mine πŸ˜†

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I think these house slippers have seen everything they want to see. The smell terrible. Would probably gag a fly. Working from home has destroyed them πŸ‘£ 🀒

Alright . I've got some old nerd stuff if anyone wants it. I parted out a desktop based server and have a few goods up for grabs. I've got an LSI sas9211-8i raid card and a 4 bay SATA hot swap bay. Free just for you, just cover shipping. DM if you are interested.

Here are these chonky ass 27” tri-mode arcade monitors I picked up for free yesterday. Fucking heavy.

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