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Anyone wants a pinephone in the US hit me up. I'd rather sell here on fedi than go another round on ebay with non paying bidders. 👍​I posted pix in a previous post you can see them if you look at my profile. I don't want to spam.

a watercolour of anatomical musculature of a hare 

watercolour and gouache on wood panel

I'm really fond of this one, it was my first time painting on transparent watercolour ground and I love the way the satin-like layers of lines held up.

I love anatomy. Bodies are wiiiiild.

My Primal Rage arcade was picked up this morning and is officially shipped! Should be here January 8th! Can't wait!

😲 A friend from out of town swung by after bringing his kiddo to a doctor appointment to catch up and drop off a Christmas gift: a custom built AR15 😻 I'm speechless and humbled.

Coraline just went on some tirade about people breaking into the house and how we’d have to hide. I told her to chill and stop being dramatic. She belted back at me “I’m not dramatic, I’m being real!”

She turns 6 at the end of the month. This child is going to be trouble 🤣😂

Started writing a long winded message about how we take federation for granted and how awesome the platform is.

It can always be better, but thanks to the devs from all of the federated platforms. Thanks to the admins running servers. Thanks to all of the people sharing and interacting.

Doing the live streams on peertube the past few days me reflecting. We really do have a great platform that isn't centrally controlled.

The cat’s out of the bag

This particular parking lot seems like a favorite spot for Porsche owners and cats.

I have part-time, remote, paid work on an open-source project for anyone who is proficient with both Rails and Tailwind CSS. Please boost for visibility.

Ha, so there's an option to enable a publish after the live stream ends. Also kinda cool that there is a permanent live stream option as well. Each time I've gone live, I've received a new live stream key. I'd imagine that the permanent stream retains the key. Very cool!

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Ha, well that was a good time. It has gore and its basically a winner. Maps are a little confusing, but it's an interesting take a game.

Looks like once the stream is done, it doesn't save it. I remember seeing somewhere that you can save a stream once the stream ends. I'll have to look into it.

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Thanks to the climate crisis there's no snow in December. But thick fog created cool, glittery light at noon that looked almost seasonal. #photography #landscapephotography #mastoart

The last triple A title I bought was Breakpoint. Being a fan of the franchise, this game was a tire fire and serious disappointment. I recently finally beat...begrudgingly. Was too much money NOT to finish it.

Any who, seeing all this bad publicity on 2077 really has me second guessing the whole major studio release with this massive projects.

They USUALLY end up getting the game right, but it's months after the release. For the price, we shouldn't have to deal.

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