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Just read that there is a petition to get LeVar Burton to host jeopardy which I could totally get behind. Any who, my wife said she had never seen a single Reading Rainbow episode. I’m fucking speechless tonight, fedi. My 15 year relationship with my wife is a lie.



Aaron Swartz Day is tomorrow.

Aaron Swartz is why I left the security consultancy I worked for. And, more generally, why I don't do infosec specifically anymore.

At the time, there was a non-zero chance that the company I worked for would be contracted to collect evidence against Aaron, and I was opposed to that. I could have stuck around and possibly been complicit in what they did to him, or I could do what I could to prevent it. So I quit.

I found out some time later that they didn't get the contract. I don't know if I had anything to do with that or not. I'm not so arrogant to think that I did, but neither can I say for sure.

I never knew Aaron. Never worked with him. That doesn't mean that I couldn't respect him and his accomplishments.

Man, that is awesome. The just hired the first ever Woman general manager in Major League !

I'm not a huge sports fan these days, but I can appreciate the leap that this is. 😻 ⚾ 😻 ⚾ 😻 ⚾ 😻

Looks like we'll have a Woman for VP and now this. Nice to see women in high profile positions!

It certainly is a nod in the right direction for equality and representation.

Sorry not uck, but ick. Terrible disease that ravaged fish tanks. Quarantine new fish!

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Meet the squad. All bottom feeders. Use to be a bit more diverse but some uck went through and killed most of the fish. These 3 are the survivors. I’d add more, but the red tail shark is a 💯 grade A asshole. So we have a clown pleco, Chinese algae eater, and a red tail shark. They are all about 3 years old now. I only use RO water in the tank and added some bio balls to the tank and it stays stable. No chemicals added ever.

Lost an esc key somehow during my recent move. Using has been...weird. Any who, wrote to and asked for a replacement key. Well bless their hearts, I received my gratis replacements today. That is customer support!

Watching . Really is a good movie. I think I’m going to watch the trilogy over the next few days. I’d say my least favorite is probably the second one.

Great monster design in this one!

Did I memtion how bloody creepy Southern Germany can be in November? There's almost no post-work done on these. #photography #MastoArt

So I took this week off to collect myself and decompress. Kids are still in school and I’d be getting a week for me on projects, video games, art, and all of the things that help my head space.

Well, that was promptly shit upon as one of my kiddos was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID so we are now in a self quarantine for our household.

I’ll focus on making sure we all stay healthy but man, since before our move till now...I’ve been in a pretty dark place more often than not 😞

Is it possible to reference objects in an array by something other than the index itself?

I'm currently in the 7th circle of hell trying to figure out how to hand off data between structs mixed with arrays and independent functions.
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