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I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

USPOL Fuckery 

"The New York Times obtained two decades of Trump's tax information, reporting that the president paid only $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, the year he won the presidency, and again during his first year in office."

Hey look, all I want to fucking know is how I can get into this level of tax bracket. Let's call it the Trump bracket.

I need this in my life.

Servers are updated, rebooted, and behaving. 🌔 🛌

Watched Alien Covenant again tonight. I was sad they nixed the ancient civilization from Prometheus, but the aliens looked awesome and the story was port cool. I’m hopeful the third in this trilogy by Ridley Scott It’s awesome.

Tonight, I had a bowl of count chocula and my wife wanted a bite. I dutifully shared... until she went ham and tried to snatch like 5 marshmallows. Then I shut that shit down. Don’t fuck with my mallows!

Finally picked up my bike after a year of sitting in the shop😂🤣 2020 has other priorities. On the flip side, had a really good time taking it out today. Not much to compare to riding a motorcycle in regards to vehicles.

Iconic Outback Qld.

This hut is actually a movie prop, but is similar to early period huts. The landscape is definitely not a prop. Much of the outback looks like this, wide expanses of native grasses, with the odd rocky outcrop.

ps. the film it was used in was Goldstone.

#Australia #outback #landscape #photo

So I know nature is metal but certain things make me sad. Most animals eating other animals doesn’t bother me. But there is one exception: Praying mantises catching and eating humming birds from humming bird feeders.

That fucks me up and makes me sad. Humming birds are pretty cool and here comes the mantis being a giant dick. Fuck off Mr. Mantis.

Well my house sold in 24 hours. Full price offer plus we won’t have to pay for repairs under $2k from the inspection. So we close on the new on October 8th and close on our current house on October 16th. What a month September has been. I’m just ready to not be busy with house shit.

I didn’t take a before pic, but I made new shed doors in preparation for selling my place. You can see the old ones off to the side. I’m beat.

Interesting take though, I brought a piece of wood with me to match a swatch to match the current shade. The dude running the paint counter has a device that’ll match it to a color automatically at Home Depot.

Long story short, it worked perfectly. I only painted the new doors and the surrounding trim. Paint matched up nicely.

Bonus helper picture🥰

After 2 failed attempts to get an offer accepted on a new home, finally secured one last night! 😅

Time to get our current house in order now to sell. Fortunately no contingencies for it to sell to close on the other one.

Street Art also available in Lagos…

👾 ☀️

My neighbor’s tree is starting to change already for fall🥰 I was over summer time as soon as it got here.

Ordered a physical copy of the Standalone album and they shipped a sample cd and some stickers. Love little surprises like this.

It will never be year of the Linux desktop.

Rebooted my Linux box into Windows to play a game. Came back to Linux, can't find ram disk.

No big deal, write a USB boot disk, boot it up, chroot into my existing multi disk installation, reinstall the kernel to lazily rebuild the ram disk, reboot, profit.

I'll be sure to get these instructions over to mom so when her machine shits the bed, she'll know what to do. 🤮

With that said, year of the linux desktop IS 2021, believe the hype.

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