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Just watched and wow, super impressive sci-fi horror monster movie🥰

Oh, well it looks like Siebold has gone it alone with a new release under a band named Standalone, get at it here:

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Doing more digital digging on my archives...I've got a few pictures with Sasha from KMFDM from 2001 after they got back together and in 2017 when they came to . The old picture is from Chicago at the Metro.

I think I was 19 in the first picture and the second picture in and played at the Vogue with .

Getting old is a hell of a drug 😆

While we are talking about the in , another show that really left a mark was when Bob Log III came. If you haven't heard of him, go to youtube/spotify/his web page and play or his buy shit.

I didn't record video but I took some shitty pictures! Linked a recording from this show though!

There was a chick at the show who had a total recall 3 boob setup on dancing. Great show! Linked is Boob Scotch from the show ❤️

Alright my fans, I present Leaving performed by . I recorded this some time ago back in 2013 and finally sharing it with the world. I fan boied so fucking hard for this show. Tiny 30 or 50 people. Meet and greet afterwards. All the good shit.

Check it ~>

Here is a release trailer for Brutal Doom where they highlight some of the sweet new additions. Great soundtrack for the whole game as well!

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Alright, posted a new gaming video on for Brutal ! This mod certainly sparks new life into this classic!

PS. Sorry @dielan, a few Cacos got the business. With love, of course!

Alright, I'm done with the weekend. With that, I leave you all with an Andy Kaufman bit on from Johnny Carson's Tonight Show from 1977 where he is impersonating Elvis Presley.

Cleaned the duck out of the carpets. My back says fuck off... but hot damn does the house look great!

Had a quote for cleaning 4 bedrooms and a basement plus 2 sets of stairs. All in all, about 1500sqft. I was expecting less than the $500 quote I received. Bought a carpet cleaner for $400. Paid myself $100 bucks to do it and will make $500 every time I do it going forward.

At least that is how I feel about it😂🤣

Pork butts are cooking! Glory shot to come when they wrap up. Getting close, they’ve been on since early this morning.

Current musical distractions by from the tricks album. Great album for the night...err morning?

Here is a little 90's throwback from the Spawn Soundtrack. + ❤️ 🔥

The Atari Teenage Riot + Slayer colaberation was bad ass as well.

yall should follow artists or smth who almost exclusively reblog/retweet posts in languages you can't understand. I followed a russian (?) artist and constantly see what looks like drama written in cyrillic and it really makes me feel the right amount of insignificant.

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