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Soooo, my Father’s Day gift from my wife came in. Of course I’m a father to my children, but I’m also a proud cat dad. 😻

These are actually my cats on these socks.

Done for today. Will wrap it all up tomorrow. That’ll be assembling with kreg screws and glue and finally painting. I forgot I need to go buy a small pane of glass and some frosting paint. That’ll be what goes inside the dado channel. I think it’ll look pretty awesome.

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About done for the day. I’ll get all of the kreg holes drilled and will assemble and paint tomorrow. Might Swells are gone after this one and who wants to work in the heat without a tasty drink.

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Sheesh, grammar in that last post is terrible. Time for another sissy drink before we get into these kreg holes.

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Setting up the dado now. Bonus, the only metric tape measures in all of Indiana right here. Only one I could find.

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All the pieces for the cabinet are cut. This is looking at it from the back side. Will use the kreg jog to fix the shelves to the outter prices. Loose fit looks good! Disregard the scrap that is lifting up the bottom shelf. Since it isn’t sitting on the door frame, it sits 19mm lower than the rest of the cabinet.

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I’ve got the frame cut for the shaker door for the medicine cabinet done. Will need to cut a small groove with the dada blade on my table saw for the inlay.

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Alright, I’ve cut the wood for the bookshelf. Just need to break out the kreg jig and get those drilled.

Are you looking for that , beat to help you continue to power on into the late night? If so, do give Public Memory a listen. Your welcome.

Check out "The Line" here:

Alright friends. Just a dumb painting I did. I normally would have used my markers and ink but decided to use acrylics. lil bit tough, but still looks pretty alright. Any who, first to reply with a claim, I’ll dm you and nab a shipping address and I’ll mail it, gratis of course. Let’s see who’s looking!

Alright so this album has been on repeat with Spotify so I did the needful, bought it. Came in a nice little book and had some great art inside. Linear notes are the best. This whole experience is lost on digital music platforms.

We trade convenience for tangible art and media which kind of sucks. Regardless, check out these pictures of the album, The Sound Of Music!

Support your favorite artists!

The neighbour's papaya was still attracting birds today. This female Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus) kept coming back to feed on it during the day.

On iNaturalist [ }

#iNaturalist #Nature #SIngapore #Photography #BIrds #Aves

Did a short play through of and posted it to my channel. While short but you get to see the mechanics, ambiance, and the awesome art style as well as me do terrible with the Guitar Hero like mini game.

Highly encourage you to give this one a go through! 😻

Screenshot from the short playthrough is apt for our current movement.

Just spent the last 1.5 designing a medicine cabinet and a small bookshelf. Going to be a busy weekend.

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