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Alright, finished the flooring in my office a bit ago and now I'm ready for a nap as this buzz works its course. Next up is installing quarter round and moving shit where it belongs.

@Clifford , DDG or Startpage... GO! (feel free to expand the audience)

Alright, so I've gone ahead and opened up registrations on my instance for anyone looking to create content that aligns with the instance categories. Check out my about page and tell me what you think. Join up if you are interested:

Alright, shutting down for CPU additions. Transcoding needs MOAR compute 🦁

What level of toasting is the best?

Alright has a great new way to pin a website to the home screen on devices. Not sure if it works the same for devices. The biggest change to the feature from before is that it's full screen and doesn't have browser controls.

I've been using this instead of the apps from the store a lot as of late. The UI is surprisingly great on mobiles. Notifications are a bit flaky, but I'm good with that. I check often enough 😂🤣


FFMPEG is a great example of something that is threaded well. For my repair video, I've gotta flip it all. Any who, for days to get this shit done faster.

So tonight, as soon as this gopro is done charging, I'm going to record a video for fixing a controller. Wife dropped it and some how managed to bust off the thumbstick. Figured it'd make for something interesting for my instance.

PS Don't laugh at my fucking pile of CDs. I'm a collector 😎

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Wrenching on a chef cookbook on a Friday in preparation for the staycation next week. Ready to unplug from work for a bit. Me and Bell's Two Hearted Ale got this...

@ben sure, send it to and leave a comment that it's for the peertube fund

So every time someone posts a #Giphy GIF in a chat and every time you open Giphy in your app / keyboard, Facebook will get data on you, did I get that right? Is that why a GIF collection was worth $400M?

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