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Check out the new Mastodon profile for the Plasma Mobile project @plasmamobile. Great follow recommendation if you are interested in GNU/Linux mobile phones ;)


I know things seem hectic and scary, but hopefully there's better luck tomorrow


The 13th

I really wanted to go to last year. Looks like it's in in 2021. I do believe I'll make this a priority!

I've canceled a flight I had scheduled for the end of the month with the idea we may drive... But at this point I don't know if I want any part of travel right now. Fucking .

Needed another display port cable so I ordered something off or Amazon. Cable works great and looks fine, but the packaging literature has me questioning the long term quality 😂

Hacked on the Alpha4 @ManjaroARM image on the @PINE64 pinephone running @kde plasma mobile.

Shaping up very nicely. Installed cmus and transferred some Naked Raygun 😻. The pull down drawer from the top shows whats playing which is a nice touch.

Exported contacts from my @nextcloud instance since there doesn't appear to be any sort of webdav support yet.

In the few months since the phone has release, it already feels so much better!


If you find a better way to block #BirdVomit please let me know.

In the picture you see my filter list, which is surely by far not complete - I just add new filters whenever something slips through.

I also wish there was an import/export function for filters, so I don't have to enter them manually with every new account. @Mastodon ?

Did a quick sketch of an ominous reptilian eye tonight to get comfortable with the new Wacom pad.

Man, this is the biggest I've used. This is replacing a well loved 4x7 active are bamboo. Love the extra buttons, touch wheel, and the stylus. Couldn't be happier! Works perfectly out of the box on and I'm currently mapping these buttons. About to get all up into .

Been using Matrix for a few days, this is definitely a viable alternative to IRC. What's stopping projects from switching?

PLEASE BOOST, I'm genuinely curious.

A just for fun drawing of a racoon meme. Will probably use it to papercraft 'f*** you' greeting cards when in the mood. #art #mastoart

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