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That back side the phone is pretty uneventful, but here are a few shots to show the texture and whatnot.

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So size references, here is an Samsung Galaxy S9 on the left. The pine phone is larger and is closer in size to my S9+!

It is thicker than the S9 though, not anything at all like the purism phone!

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Alright, let's get into this . Brace for a slew of posts from me today πŸ˜…

So for the past couple of weeks, I've been using on my phone exclusively from the browser. It's surprisingly usable and works well. Mostly gearing up for the drought of native apps for the .

Biggest problem running Mastodon from the browser is notifications. Since this is session based, sessions on devices that switch networks frequently are tough. Apps poll frequently, I assume.

What could be done to improve this for the browser pleebs?

20 years ago...I did lots of weird things. I still do weird things, but this is probably one of my favorite pictures. Wish I still had this coat.

Side note, that grimmy ass hair of mine had no product in it. It just did stuff.

Alright, here is the lowdown. After threats of TMNT porn from @feld, @oilyfish expressed separation concerns, and @Lem_Niarty rightful battle mustache concerns I've decided to bring my corner of the fedi back into a alignment with expectations.

On that note though...I've changed my name courtesy of @Lem_Niarty's beautiful french. Merci beaucoup!

From this day forth, I shall be know as Magnifique M. Miaou 🐱

Alright, it was time for an avatar change. My mug isn't so great looking, but here is the might Donatello from ...if or pop culture are your thing.

*waiting continues to intensify*

I was really hoping my would be here this weekend...but with it just not leaving a NY USPS facility this morning in the early AM...I'm not hopeful.

Waiting is always the absolute slowest for the things you want most.

Have any other buyers in the US received their shipment?

@matrix From the sounds of the talk concerning E2EE, it sounds like cross signing is only recently working in the his V2 implementation.

Is there a specific GA release you are tracking to implement this?

I really hope it's because adblockers are working. πŸ€žπŸ™

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*Waiting Intensifies*

So looks like my has finally made it to the United States!

I've read about attendees getting free cases. I'm betting there is one in my shipment, right @PINE64 😜

So for some reason, I just assumed the "deck" app by @nextcloud was going to be a presentation thing.

Man, I was dead wrong. Not only do I get to practice agile at work, I get to bring it home now and practice for the backlog of work my wife wants me to get done πŸ˜†

Either way version 18 of has been pretty good so far. The integrated version of onlyoffice is REALLY nice.

best Nintendo home console and why?
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