Of all of the physical media casualties out there...the one that bothers me the most probably Magazines.

Even as an adult, receiving a magazine filled with a corner of your interests was great. Interviews with people on the topic, behind the scenes views, and other unique content.

Might subscribe to a few today. Maximum PC and Fangoria are still around. I'll always miss Nintendo Power and GamePro though 😿


The benefit and problem to a decentralized network. Was this your primary source for posting your videos?

Any reverse polish notation nerds out here? Have been looking at bash tools for doing floating point math and was kicking the tires on dc. It's cool...and different all at the same time.


I’m in the same boat...but I never stream from my phone 🤔


Local stray cats have the fanciest water bowls in the land.


Cries in Nvidia RTX 30 series.

Seriously though:
✅ Fuck pandemic supply chains
✅ Fuck scalpers


The G in @glove is actually "Grandfather", because he transcends all rules and inherits grandfather status on all platforms. 😎


With all of those caps I did on one of two free Wells Gardner D9200, I'm glad I have a proper desoldering station now 😓

RIP sweet pad prince, may the patch wire do the needful.

Average cost of .12 per kWh has my setup costing me about $24 a month to run.

I've got an old supermicro 1u server running pfsense. I may pick up one of their mini devices and try to shave more off of this amount.

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So in my quest to lower my electric bill and scale back on electricity usage, I picked up one of those electricity meters you plug into an outlet and then plug your stuff into.

I've got a few computers, a small network rack, and some other odd and ends.

So I'm about 24 hours in and I played video games on my PC for a while yesterday and my usage is probably in the ballpark of 7kWh. This is high because I generally don't play games that often.

Any who, that's about 200kWh for nerd stuff.

ssh tech mystery, help? 


Yeah, sounded like a library thing. Glad you sorted it out 🤘

ssh tech mystery, help? 


You can enable various levels of debug logging on the ssh client side. Start with a -v and work your way up to -vvv. Hopefully this will help solve it. Not sure if you can do this from the above mentioned programs though 🤔

To test if it perhaps it's a common library those other programs might use, you can try ssh directly from powershell now in Windows 10. See if that spits out anything useful with verbosity turned up.


Wife sent me a Reddit link for a joke. I clicked it, giggled, and clicked the Navigation bar to type in a new URL. Any who, they obviously must be reading the page to offer suggestions😂🤣

The real question though, how the going to autocorrect fuck to duck every damn time but suggest this🧐🤔


Smoky smell included, unless you got the smell out! All you need is a brown toned couch with an ornate farm scene and brown carpet to really drive home that nostalgia!

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