You remember mail order? Fucking CCS had me wrapped up in some shit back in the day 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸

Have you thrown a controller in awhile? Would you like the chance? Please play Cart Carnage from Donkey Kong Country on the . Remember how much you hate the game. Rage quit.


I’m a simple man. I see Revolting Cocks. I click play. Every. Fucking. Time.


My favorite is to pick something interesting that I want to implement and do it. I’ll follow documentation to do it. As I come across gaps in it, I’ll make a note of the defect. When I’m done, I’ll contribute the notes to their documentation. I’ve had PRs merged from @peertube and @matrix this way. Hopefully this helps you get started!

@ultem @11112011

Need a room mate? I take the second floor for the sunshine ☀️

Alright, hinges are attached and door is mounted. Looks great! I added some wood filler to the corner and will repaint all of them once I do some light sanding. Last picture will be with this dude mounted!

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Alright, the door is glued and clamped. Will need some joint love and touch up paint, but all in all I’m really happy how this came out.

Once this dries, I’ll attach the hinges and attach it to the cabinet.

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body horror via video compression 

anyone have more of these types of gifs? I love them


Man, really liking the lighting on the last few posts. Great work!

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