I think being cramped in the house for months on end at the beginning of the year really showed the faults in our current place. We needed an extra office since my wife is working remote now as well. So yeah, lots of change!

So I know nature is metal but certain things make me sad. Most animals eating other animals doesn’t bother me. But there is one exception: Praying mantises catching and eating humming birds from humming bird feeders.

That fucks me up and makes me sad. Humming birds are pretty cool and here comes the mantis being a giant dick. Fuck off Mr. Mantis.

Well my house sold in 24 hours. Full price offer plus we won’t have to pay for repairs under $2k from the inspection. So we close on the new on October 8th and close on our current house on October 16th. What a month September has been. I’m just ready to not be busy with house shit.

VR Headsets 


I've got the OG vive + delux audio head strap + Vive/Intel Wifi attachment and I've been REALLY happy with it. The newer headsets have better screens and contrast, but honestly the value of the OG vive is great. Not to mention the wireless setup is 💯 solid. Highly recommended. I'm sure it's pretty cheap these days as well. I'd get an index, but not being wireless is a deal breaker for me. I value that over all else.


This is good! Has some nice beats and the pace of the of the song is good!

@barrett @feld @RandomDamage

I don’t think you can hunt with that round in Indiana at all. I think we do black powder, shotgun, and archery. The travel is shorter on these.

In other news, a 14 year old killed in a combine not long ago. Pretty sure it was in Iowa. He fell asleep in a corn field while hunting and got the business 😖


Thank you! Being a technology worker, this is one of my escapes from it. I love creating!


Got another month before central Indiana is free. Y’all up there in Wisconsin are basically in Alaska 🤣😂

I didn’t take a before pic, but I made new shed doors in preparation for selling my place. You can see the old ones off to the side. I’m beat.

Interesting take though, I brought a piece of wood with me to match a swatch to match the current shade. The dude running the paint counter has a device that’ll match it to a color automatically at Home Depot.

Long story short, it worked perfectly. I only painted the new doors and the surrounding trim. Paint matched up nicely.

Bonus helper picture🥰


This looks awesome. Nearly hiking season, getting cool enough At night the bugs are aren’t as terrible.

After 2 failed attempts to get an offer accepted on a new home, finally secured one last night! 😅

Time to get our current house in order now to sell. Fortunately no contingencies for it to sell to close on the other one.

Street Art also available in Lagos…

👾 ☀️

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