@lain I see you are out shopping the Miami Mama Meat Market...

The webserver is kinda cool as well:

pydoc -b
^ starts a server that you can search and click links to dive into modules.

Learned a bit tonight. Now I'm going to bed. Happy hacking friends!

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Well, I think I may have something pretty useful. pydoc runs from the cli and can even optionally spin up a local webserver with all your local modules docstring info.

Useful commands:

^ Good replacement for dropping into an interactive python session and using help()

pydoc -k SEARCH_TERM
^ This is the money shot. Returns pattern matches within the docstrings and returns the module names to further RTFM.

Probably as good as it's going to get for me.

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I was hoping to find something that I could use in the CLI. I do most of my development in VIM. I use vim plugins like youcompleteme where I can see information about modules and methods as I type...but I have to know about them beforehand.

I'm just envisioning a solution where I could simply just search the docstrings of all the modules.

I'm just being nitpicky, your solution obviously keeps me from having to search online.

Question for my nerds out there. To see if something is in the standard library...how does one go about looking for something arbitrary without the internet?

For instance, I know I can look up information on a specific module or method by using help(MODULE.METHOD()).

Say I'm looking for a method to hash files, how would I be able to find the module on my own?

I hate always having to search for shit online. Would rather read locally.

Oh this is pretty cool for star watchers. It’s an interactive light pollution map. lightpollutionmap.info

Have tickets to go see in March and I'm really looking forward to it. One of my favorites. Any who, current mode...


@ifixcoinops Follow up: slow down your life.

You don't need to do everything. Your kid doesn't need 8 hours of afterschool activities to succeed.

Plan out errands so you don't get in the car unnecessarily.

Ask yourself if you need it now or can it wait?

Consider walking/biking/transit when reasonable (what's reasonable grows over time).

Sooooo....accidentally deleted my config and boy did that hurt. I have all of my ~/ dot files in git...but have avoided adding anything not in my root of home dir. Lesson learned...

Over the weekend Storm Arwen arrived, decimating the remains of autumn and bringing winter with it. 🥶

It was also my Dad’s birthday. Time to go for a birthday hike in the snow!

More photos are available for you, right here -> iancylkowski.com/blog/2021/11/ 👍

#landscape #nature #travel #photo #photography #photographie #winter #england #britain #uk #lakedistrict #cumbria

@pseudoramble If you agree with my code of conduct, I’ll gladly have you on my instance. I don’t have registration open because I don’t have a lot of bandwidth to moderate a super active instance. DM me wanna join me at vid.garwood.io

@lain this comic gets super creepy when you follow it as the two are siblings.

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