Your starting point should be a discussion with your loved one’s general practitioner. You’ll likely need their referral to talk to a specialist. From there, the specialist should assist and help with connecting to their provided resources or government provided resources if available. This is generally how you go about getting any sort of help that isn’t just general ailments here if you aren’t a local yourself.

@vagrantc Good on you with the solar panels. How big is your array and do you store the energy anywhere?

Alright, this mofo just passed his rough in inspection after adding the 3 outlets over the weekend😎


I was working with around 20 tifs and each was about 700mb. Once I assembled them all and consolidated layers, the resulting gimp doc was in the area of 8gb and 600dpi. Resolution was massive. If I did a color selection, it would take minutes to complete and then applying something to the selection would usually result in a spectacular crash. I bet in total, it crashed at least a dozen times in a single setting.

Well, gimp has really decided that it doesn't like working with large files. It has crashed more in the last 5 hours than it has ever crashed since I've used it. I've configured it to use up to 30gb of ram and it's using it all. Probably going to have to break this image up into smaller portions and tackle it in bite size chunks.

So, I've scanned one side of the primal rage cabinet and used to reassemble. Next step is to remove the scuffs and other defects and then I'll work on restoring the red that missing from an aggressive cleaner. Happy with the progressive so far.


I did a trip to Washington last month and feel the same. Always nice to spend some time outside 🌲

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