Alright friends. My team has been using Jenkins for some operational style work via pipelines. It's worked pretty well. Was thinking about trying as a replacement as it seems more fitting for the work. What tool are you using to perform operational work in your organization/project? I only support , but there is also a good chunk of so cross platform compatibility is imperative. Please boost!


Besides, who needs configuration management when containers and k8s are the obvious solution to everything. They just configure themselves!

Chef is rolling dangerously close self sabotage with this TIRE FIRE of a fucking release with chef 15 and ALL of this DAMN license garbage.

The Free Software Foundation and Defective by Design are now on Mastodon! Visit us at and


I've been building out a wiki in my gitea instance. There is an open issue right now for collecting input on what federation would look like!


Orta was my favorite. Yet another reason to pick up an og Xbox

I fixed my laptop problems with a baseball bat and now I feel much better.

I see a lot of great art work cross my timeline. Some seriously inspirational stuff. And to that note, here is a terrible done in 5 minutes of dude with a Mars Attacks style brain coming out of his dome ☠️



Yeah, I feel like it's only a good photo organizer. It does that pretty well. But that's really about it.

What are you using to organize your photos?

Interesting side note, I basically started saving my pictures once my wife and I started going steady. This library starts in August...we officially hooked up sometime in July 2005 I believe. Any who, I shot it on a sidekick2 phone because that's what the cool kids used then.

SUPER high resolution :D Had to shrink the Window to get that shit to fit for a screenshot to show some metadata.

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Oy, I'm off to bed. So I was going through and adding tags to pictures in on . Sometimes I forget to add them when I import. Other times I just don't want to do it as it takes a lot of time. I'd say I'm probably ~60 tagged in my library.

Any who, here is a quick screenshot of some general info concerning my photo library...


I was just saying I'm glad it's doing well this weekend. Going back and fixing sonic was a bold and imperative move. Good on them for taking critical feedback and working it out.


They deserve it for taking critical feedback and trying to do better. That move was unheard of! I think I'll go check it out tomorrow.


I say we up the diversity game even more. Invite me, the Midwestern American white dude 😂

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