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Lol, there was an episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit where they got a bunch of environmentalists to sign a petition for a ban on Dihydrogen Monoxide🤣😂

This is a win *not* just for @conservancy! This win indicates that federal courts view GPL is both a license and a contract — as we have long argued. The case now proceeds in state court.
Support this case and our work by becoming a Sustainer: sfconservancy.org/sustainer/

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Alright, hot damn! Bob Log III is going on tour in the US for what seems like the first time in awhile. For the love of god, go buy a ticket for a great show!


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Oh, and I've got people I like to read so they are in their own column as well so I can see their stuff without wading through home.

@TinfoilSubmarine @lain Ahh, I gotcha. Basically just myself and another on my server. I look at the federated timeline when I'm feeling sassy. Mostly stick to home and a few hashtag columns I follow.

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Oh that could be handy. In vim, I find myself using :daw a lot to delete a word. Keyboard shortcuts/commands are the 🐐

@0x80085 lol, I'm using it in a browser right now which I why I thought I'd share it. Nor sure I've ever used the elusive Shift + Control + Tab before. Will give it a whirl.

The real shame is that I posted "your welcome" instead of "you're welcome".

I can only be so credible in day 😆

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I learned this years ago...but was using it and remembered how late I learned it being shameful. 🔔

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I don't know who needs to hear this today....

but pressing Shift + Tab will move your cursor backwords in forms or Tab select-able items.

Your welcome.

@postShitter I’ve got one! It’s not one with all the fancy art work, but it’s got maximum force AND area51. I wanna get the sequel for it!

@postShitter oh man, going to build a light gun arcade! Some of my favorites arcades are super expensive/too damn big. Emulation works pretty well for them, but need a special gun to use an LCD. So yeah, project time 😅

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