Meet Inkscape artist Ozant Liuky, winner of our Inkscape 1.1 About Screen Contest!

His advice for users: "Learn the basics you need most with your workflow. Enjoy the workflow that comes with Inkscape."

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Been awhile since I've messed with proxmox. Used this in place of Vmware for a national retailer.

So I've got a sneaking suspension that I'll probably be skipping over the 30 series Nvidia cards. Not by choice, but more not wanting to pay for it on secondary markets. It's going for 2x MSRP. I'm sure it's driven by crypto mania, but it's still just nuts. Glad I took an upgrade for the 2080 super when I did. Paid retail before the craze began.

Speaking of cards, I've got a friend who is selling an 1080Ti if anyone is interested. DM if you are.


It's weird that Akamai would jump into something so end user specific. Normally they operate on the network between us and a destination. Wonder if they have any other end user products that I'm just blind of.

Reading about what WAS though, sounds pretty great.


I always get excited when I realize something I have in the wild is seen and enjoyed. Even if only 6 times 😻

Every Friday, they test the tornado sirens at 11am. I like to think it’s because Godzilla is on the loose.

Hot take of the day…Shin Godzilla is the best, don’t @ me.


If you need to read an article about signs you are heading for a divorce, you are heading for a divorce...

Go give your spouse a hug. Tell them you love them and thank them for something they did recently. Then smack that ass and growl at them with a wink 😉


That's great news! Hopefully it'll make some of life's quirks make sense and you can overcome any hardships that have been a result of your ADHD.


This is pretty excellent, so I'd say MOOOAAAARRRRR WEED 🌴


I see a story here...somewhere.

These illustrations are really good. I could see something like this in an instruction manual.


Looks great! Whenever I see this color of blue I immediately think I'm seeing ballpoint pen.

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