Can't sleep...played some . Beat the final boss without taking a hit. Sooo...not sleeping wasn't an entire loss?


"sil kexo tic" is what I read the first run through of the domain. Are the still voted #1 in the Midwest though?


I mean, will it though? Trump was recorded saying the most vile shit, has a track record of vile shit, and literally is vile. The mother fucker runs our country.

I just don't think people care about systemic oppression and violation of woman. Fucking Biden was VP with that shit on his record.

The whole god damn system feels impossible.

It's friday, so it's crawl time!
Today it's #WineCrawl day.
I enjoyed two very fine places:
- #TheKitchen where I sipped a #Sangiovese
- #MessyDesk with a glass of #Chianti
I should go back to these places!
#HomeCrawl #Lockdown


Looks great. Love the videos with the subtle action! Ublock origin has no blocks.


Just picked it up on audible. Thanks for the recommendation.


That's actually a interesting idea. But the government doesn't get to come out as heros because they didn't give us our money back πŸ˜†

I've seen a few mumblings on here on the fedi. This article just popped up on my news feed and thought it was interested.

Looks like is leading the corporate charge by not paying rent at any of its facilities in April.

@dpreacher @feld

If they did it well enough, I wouldn't need ublock origin, privacy badger, and https everywhere. Firefox and brave are inching in the right direction, just not as aggressive as I wish they'd be.


Jesus christ, I don't even know what the fuck I'm reading.

@feld @dpreacher

I'll just be super excited when browsers ship with 3rd party blocking enabled by default instead of me having to bolt on few apps to do it.


Literally a nasty one liner using wget to download the raw html, sed to delete html on rows with an href, then sed one more time to convert the remainder into a url in which I loop through to download a shit ton of files. It's still running 24 hours later.

I could have forked processes to speed it up... But I don't want to overwhelm their infra. It's internet archive. Slow and steady when's the race.

Well, my gig internet is really paying for itself today. I'm pulling in +500gb of data at some breakneck speeds. This is going to take a week...

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Sometimes, being a lazy gets in the way of growth. I'm currently scrapping a large archive...something like 12k files.

I could have used beautifulsoup in ...but instead did some super hacky shit using + + .

I'm ashamed and proud....all at the same time.

Whole lotta newly-minted statistics experts this month, eh?

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