Alright, today's goal while on PTO...get a instance up for and videos. And go!

Sometimes, being a lazy gets in the way of growth. I'm currently scrapping a large archive...something like 12k files.

I could have used beautifulsoup in ...but instead did some super hacky shit using + + .

I'm ashamed and proud....all at the same time.

Anyone else out here using for SSH authentication? Looking at doing a POC/feasibility trial possibly and wanted to know if anyone had experience with it. Would love to secure SSH with 2FA/MFA at scale and this seems pretty reasonable.

Welp, that nixes trying out for the day 😂🤣😂🤣 Super interested in trying out. Maybe with the pending mystery Nvidia announcement in 2020, they'll actually try and help with the open-source drivers like AMD and Intel have.

cc @sir

Woof. I am sooo embarrassed. So have literally thousands of failures on on my instance concerning some AV failure. Not knowing what it was, I decided to ignore it...which is exactly what any good would do when faced with lots of error messages.

Decided to address it today and search for whatever this was and came across this page:

Installed ffmpeg. Now I'm flooded with animated posts😅

Alright, let's get to work with rolling out this box by @matrix rolled out. it up...

So I manage an instance of on a VPS for an organization and regularly update it. But it dawned on me today, that I hadn't updated the instance of since I stood this server up 😑

Updated now! Shameful 😅


Mostly an instance for friends and family. Nothing special.