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Ultra violent, 2d retro style game with gore by the buckets. Available on @ gog.com/game/butcher

It will never be year of the Linux desktop.

Rebooted my Linux box into Windows to play a game. Came back to Linux, can't find ram disk.

No big deal, write a USB boot disk, boot it up, chroot into my existing multi disk installation, reinstall the kernel to lazily rebuild the ram disk, reboot, profit.

I'll be sure to get these instructions over to mom so when her machine shits the bed, she'll know what to do. 🤮

With that said, year of the linux desktop IS 2021, believe the hype.

Alright, posted a new gaming video on for Brutal ! This mod certainly sparks new life into this classic!

PS. Sorry @dielan, a few Cacos got the business. With love, of course!


So on my instance, for all of my videos I've been adding a few options for supporting my videos. One is kofi, which I'm terrible at even using and the other is for a link to an ebay store for some stickers I posted some time ago. Any who, I've sold 3 this month and I really hope it's support from my peertube videos 😅

If you are interested in said sweet sticker; battery for scale, get at em with the link here:


Posted a video to my gaming channel. The "game" is actually more an application from Steam called FlowScape. It's for creating landscape scenes. I'm using it primarily to create scenes to paint and because it's fun to create digital dioramas. Here are some screens from the session and a link.


Published a playthrough of the new Samurai Shodown being played on for my channel. Installed the epic store via and then installed Sam Sho as I would have otherwise. I'm training hard @thegibson, I'm coming for ya 😉


Man, just spent a few hours playing on with a friend. What a really good time! Great way to wrap up a week 😅

Alright, new video for my gaming channel. I finally got around to playing for a bit, a dystopian pixel graphics game built on . Really awesome stuff! Check out some of the playthough here:


Alright a few contributions have been made.

I've made a merch purchase from the awesome @anaisfae, whom I highly encourage you to follow 🐈 Mythical flying cats? ✅ Jackolops? ✅

Bought some ko-fi for the excellent @deerbard who produces great digital and physical art ALL the time. I can only hope to aspire to this level.

Donated a few bucks to an underfunded organization I really ❤️ as well: @kde. The output with their budget is amazing.

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Alright, just posted a not so great run of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth in my channel on my instance. Such a good game.


Alright , , , and others who partake in dedicated server hosting...who are you using?

Love that pricing and compute from , but bringing traffic back to the US from it isn't all that great. Would like something faster.

So yeah, who are you using?

Man, this is the biggest I've used. This is replacing a well loved 4x7 active are bamboo. Love the extra buttons, touch wheel, and the stylus. Couldn't be happier! Works perfectly out of the box on and I'm currently mapping these buttons. About to get all up into .

Alright friends. My team has been using Jenkins for some operational style work via pipelines. It's worked pretty well. Was thinking about trying as a replacement as it seems more fitting for the work. What tool are you using to perform operational work in your organization/project? I only support , but there is also a good chunk of so cross platform compatibility is imperative. Please boost!

Oy, I'm off to bed. So I was going through and adding tags to pictures in on . Sometimes I forget to add them when I import. Other times I just don't want to do it as it takes a lot of time. I'd say I'm probably ~60 tagged in my library.

Any who, here is a quick screenshot of some general info concerning my photo library...

Alright , who out here is doing c# sharp development on Linux? Trying to determine if incorporating all of the things into my vim config make sense or if I should just use vscode/{insert your favorite ide here}.

Currently using a few vim plugins for python, bash, and ruby work.

I feel like whenever I consider installing something via Wine on I should immediately stop and say it isn't worth it and it won't work. But here I am:

sudo pacman -Syu wine winetricks

First step to failure, install .net 4.5 redistributable. If that fails, I'll fail early. If it succeeds...

Second step, install an app my wife wants to start using for house stuff.

I'm going to *TRY* it to support my wife...but I'm not hopeful this work on .

Anyone else out here using for SSH authentication? Looking at doing a POC/feasibility trial possibly and wanted to know if anyone had experience with it. Would love to secure SSH with 2FA/MFA at scale and this seems pretty reasonable.


Selling my #Linux stickers! 

So, I had my stickers printed 😻
If you'd like to support my work, rep a sweet sticker, or whatever else works for you see any of the links:

* ko-fi.com/cigii

* ebay.com/itm/164011985065

Man, I created this some time ago with the expectation I would get some printed as stickers. It's an origami . Unfortunately, I did this using illustrator, but I should totally break out inkscape and recreate it.

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