from me for all of the new friends joining mastodon.

I've been around for a few years on my own instance but have been on previously and I post about stuff like , , , , from time to time, and probably some other stuff. I'm pretty lite on politics and don't follow political focused users. I love dark humor. I think we need more posts. Welcome all you new people 💋

Hey friends. I’ve had my booster today so I’m feeling a little out of energy tonight. But I did just find out that you can be a cowboy for free on steam with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger! Has a platinum rating on protondb so you play on .

Hello friends. I’d like to offer a warm welcome to @indygwyn to the . He’s a real world nerd friend who is super knowledgeable on , , , and a plethora of other related topics. He takes his seriously and uses a French press.


Mostly an instance for friends and family. Nothing special.