Broke out for a little sketch of a . Used the airbrush and ink brushes primarily. I did the water with a watercolor brush from the mypaint brushes. ~15 minutes.

Allow me to introduce you to @Lem_Niarty and her wonderful 😻

She recently joined my server and has been one of my favorites. Follow her video work here:

Her latest video is pretty great and displays some of her traditional art in a digital collage format with an avant garde backdrop track. If you watch ONE video today, make it this one!

Alright friends. Just a dumb painting I did. I normally would have used my markers and ink but decided to use acrylics. lil bit tough, but still looks pretty alright. Any who, first to reply with a claim, I’ll dm you and nab a shipping address and I’ll mail it, gratis of course. Let’s see who’s looking!

Alright, finally finished stretching these paintings! The artist is Jozefina Litwig. I bought these 2 years ago and she shipped them from Poland. To save on shipping, I had her remove the stretchers. Here is her deviant art page, can’t find her website right now.

Support your favorite artists!

Alright friends, the time has come. The mystery peertube instance I volunteered to!

is now running the latest version of ! Follows were weird before due to the old version but are working perfectly now! If you are a peertube admin, follow it!

If just want to follow ALL of the channels from , follow @blender !

Glad to help out and I'll be helping with this instance going forward.

Please boost!

Avatar refresh time. Figured I'd go with some neon colors to go with my 80s hair, dashed with some glitch . Eye contact is I hacked on the ol eyeballs to double down on CREEPY. Brought to you by our friend, . Detailed crops for review.

I should do a howto video on this for my gimp peertube channel.

Alright, been a busy day with ...update to the latest + now I've published two more instructional videos covering tools. The next two videos will cover the paintbucket and brushes. See them on my gimp channel!

Alright a few contributions have been made.

I've made a merch purchase from the awesome @anaisfae, whom I highly encourage you to follow 🐈 Mythical flying cats? ✅ Jackolops? ✅

Bought some ko-fi for the excellent @deerbard who produces great digital and physical art ALL the time. I can only hope to aspire to this level.

Donated a few bucks to an underfunded organization I really ❤️ as well: @kde. The output with their budget is amazing.

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Alright, the first 3 intro videos are up. If you are looking to learn some of the basics of Gimp or just interested in digital , this series is for you. I'll post more interesting videos here of other stuff once I get the basics done.

So here is ~30 minutes worth of new exclusive content on my instance!

Be sure to have your peertube admin follow my instance to help distribute the content! Thanks and please boost!

Alright, today's goal while on PTO...get a instance up for and videos. And go!

Alright , , , and enthusiasts, here are some easy follows from the official blender peertube instance:

Very active, with lots of good stuff.

Not very active, but this is the Official channel for Blender Foundation open movies! 🍿

Not very active, but when a new release of blender comes out, these videos demo some of the new features.

Did a face sketch and color today in . Has a very Mike Judge + Beavis and Butthead feel to it. I really like the watercolor brushes in Krita. I used 2 different ones for the background + splatter.

Drew a tree in today. I like the colors a lot. Kind of wish I hadn't drawn so many extra branches sticking out...but it's good enough.

In other news, my paintings from my the acrylic painting class aren't terribly exciting or great. But what I've done is forced an audience by hanging them in a bathroom stall at work. Once you get in and close the door, you have no option but contemplate my . Honestly, I hope someone takes them home. That would be the best. I should write that on that back... "PLEASE STEAL ME"

My second painting from an acrylic painting class in taking. Had a lot of fun mixing the colors on this. It is a still life of a pear and a vase.

Alright, going through more of my documents folder and coming across some more cool stuff.

Here I found a cool image from the original series and decided to ink and color it. I did it using and across a few layers, with the ink being the last one.

Totally not my art, but I was using it as a way to get better with the style as I ❤️ comic art.

PS Donatello is the baddest mutha fucka...but he wasn't entirely visible in this image so I opted for Leo.

Man, I created this some time ago with the expectation I would get some printed as stickers. It's an origami . Unfortunately, I did this using illustrator, but I should totally break out inkscape and recreate it.

Did a quick lil in tonight.

I did a similar watercolor that I sent off to John Romero. I gave him the original and printed off a few copies for him to sign and send back. I should share that sometime, it's pretty sweet!

WIth out further ado, here is my

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