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Probably a bit too real for the masses. On the bright side, native Linux support 😉

Hot take of the of the best looking games for the was Alien 3. The sprites and animations for this game are great.

Had to have a form discussion with a member of our household. An intervention of sorts.

Man, this email feels like onlyfans in reverse. I’m giving this guy a show and he says I have to pay him or he’ll release my vid to unpaying viewers. Pfft, if anyone likes what they see, be sure to let my wife know that she bagged a good one 😅😂😎

On the flip side, I’m glad they are impressed.

You used to be able to find the occasional gem in the shovel ware department at your local big box. Not the case anymore. This is all trash😂🤣

I subscribed too a few magazines a few months back and the first one showed up today 😍

Indiana isn’t great for a lot, but there are some shifts to renewables.

I'm removing "The Isle" from my steam wishlist. I love Dinosaurs...but this game hasn't really done enough in the past ~3 years to fetch my hard earned bones. Looks great, but still in early release and I don't see it ever wrapping up.

Alright, so tonight's common man analysis of boxing is going for butterbean. Dude is every bit of a butterball, but man he is super fun to watch fight.

Further, I'm like 90% positive he is the inspiration of earthquake from Samurai Shodown. I'm attributing most of this to the sheer size of the character, bald head, and being from the US. It's my opinion and I'm rolling with it. Not to mention butterbean was a force in the 90s.

PS: The bean don't eat no snoody food!

Alright, most of the electronics are installed. Still waiting on speakers and I need some risers for the vga board. I mounted the control panel on hinges for easy access. Finally, I’ve for some terminal blocks installed but I don’t think I need the -5 so I need to relabel that for ground as I’m sure I’ll have a few of those. Mostly done though!

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Hello sweet sweet storage upgrade...

Video game storage on a 1tb nvme is full. Need to move it off there to spinning disk.

This should do the trick. Bit if wood glue, some clamps, and go eat lunch.

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Alright, the main box is assembled. I poked an access hole on the side for the jamma harness. I probably need to put a bigger one on the backside for a vga cable for a video converter.

Any who, working with 1/2” material reminded me of how much I don’t like it. You don’t have much room for error. I’m using 1” screws and it’s edge mounted so there is some edge poke through. I’ve got some edging that cover it and keep me from shredding my hands and anything else that could get snagged.

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