Have you thrown a controller in awhile? Would you like the chance? Please play Cart Carnage from Donkey Kong Country on the . Remember how much you hate the game. Rage quit.

Alright, hinges are attached and door is mounted. Looks great! I added some wood filler to the corner and will repaint all of them once I do some light sanding. Last picture will be with this dude mounted!

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Alright, the door is glued and clamped. Will need some joint love and touch up paint, but all in all I’m really happy how this came out.

Once this dries, I’ll attach the hinges and attach it to the cabinet.

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Alright, while the frosting paint is drying, I finished assembling the bookshelf. The back in is just some thin plywood with some left over glitter wallpaper glued to it. Certainly fitting for an 11 year olds bedroom 🥰

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Back at it early today. I couldn’t find glass for the cabinet doors simple I glass it is. I’ve got some frosting paint to glass it up a bit. Lets see how it turns out.

PS. If anyone ever tells you plexiglass can’t be sharp, I’ll cut their throats with a piece.

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Alright that is enough for the day on this. The painting is done with the exception of a few spots of touch up. Every thing is cleaned up. And I’ve had my fill of beer for the day. I really like the finish. All that is left now is to assemble the door, attach the backing to the book shelf, and mount the cabinet. Should be able to wrap that up tomorrow evening.

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Alright, let’s get painting. The red paint that is everywhere is from when I painted my father in-law’s chicken coop. 🐔

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Alright, picking this project back up. I recut the shacker door frame pieces. I opted to cut tenons as the kreg holes would have been ugly. Probably the most complex joint I have cut. It’s a little rough, but it’ll look nice enough. I’m ready to paint now!

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Soooo, my peaches came in today. Fucking. Perfect. 💯🍑🍑🍑

I hate the trash peaches sold at the grocery store. Flavorless, usually bitter, fuzz free, and firm garbage. These though...👌

Get at ‘em: www.dickeyfarms.com

Today has been something of an arcade day. Who’s ready to play some primal rage? Maybe some aliens vs predator? 😻

So my favorite game of all time is probably Primal Rage. Mostly because Dinosaurs and blood. Any who, I’ve got an original arcade board for it. Always wanted to build an arcade cabinet and this arcade had the most beautiful dedicated artwork. So, does anyone by chance know where plans are for this cabinet by chance? Regardless, I’ll be cleaning this filthy monster up from years in the garage and I think I’ll do a build around it.

My work mate for the day. My 5 year old has come to spend some time in the office. She’ll play Minecraft on my computer while I waste away on my work issued Crapple.

And if you are wondering, yes that is a shrunken head hanging from the cabinets. Also a skull goblet on the desk and a framed picture of a crucified skeleton I took many years ago.

Alright last post today concerning the building. Trim is on, glue is drying. My wife says I stink and to go take shower. 🧟‍♂️

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Started on the front piece. Had to come in and take a break. 6 drinks in this heat😓 will probably get the rest of this trim on and call it a day. Save sanding and painting for tomorrow after work.

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Almost forgot, I need to put the trip on the top of the bookshelf. This is for my 11 year old daughter so it seems like a good fit. For the back panel, my wife used some left over glitter wall paper on it. I’ll attached that once we get it painted.

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