Can't sleep...played some . Beat the final boss without taking a hit. Sooo...not sleeping wasn't an entire loss?


Well, my gig internet is really paying for itself today. I'm pulling in +500gb of data at some breakneck speeds. This is going to take a week...

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Covid19 purchase showed up today! Going to have my 11 year old hook it up πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ let's do this !

About to play Life with the family. Where the fuck is the covid19 action?! I feel a game hack coming...

Did a face sketch and color today in . Has a very Mike Judge + Beavis and Butthead feel to it. I really like the watercolor brushes in Krita. I used 2 different ones for the background + splatter.

Drew a tree in today. I like the colors a lot. Kind of wish I hadn't drawn so many extra branches sticking out...but it's good enough.

Needed another display port cable so I ordered something off or Amazon. Cable works great and looks fine, but the packaging literature has me questioning the long term quality πŸ˜‚

Hacked on the Alpha4 @ManjaroARM image on the @PINE64 pinephone running @kde plasma mobile.

Shaping up very nicely. Installed cmus and transferred some Naked Raygun 😻. The pull down drawer from the top shows whats playing which is a nice touch.

Exported contacts from my @nextcloud instance since there doesn't appear to be any sort of webdav support yet.

In the few months since the phone has release, it already feels so much better!

Did a quick sketch of an ominous reptilian eye tonight to get comfortable with the new Wacom pad.

Man, this is the biggest I've used. This is replacing a well loved 4x7 active are bamboo. Love the extra buttons, touch wheel, and the stylus. Couldn't be happier! Works perfectly out of the box on and I'm currently mapping these buttons. About to get all up into .

In other news, my paintings from my the acrylic painting class aren't terribly exciting or great. But what I've done is forced an audience by hanging them in a bathroom stall at work. Once you get in and close the door, you have no option but contemplate my . Honestly, I hope someone takes them home. That would be the best. I should write that on that back... "PLEASE STEAL ME"

Apparently my ass is out here getting PAID! Apparently no one listens to them a few times a month πŸ˜‚

My second painting from an acrylic painting class in taking. Had a lot of fun mixing the colors on this. It is a still life of a pear and a vase.

I see a lot of great art work cross my timeline. Some seriously inspirational stuff. And to that note, here is a terrible done in 5 minutes of dude with a Mars Attacks style brain coming out of his dome ☠️

Interesting side note, I basically started saving my pictures once my wife and I started going steady. This library starts in August...we officially hooked up sometime in July 2005 I believe. Any who, I shot it on a sidekick2 phone because that's what the cool kids used then.

SUPER high resolution :D Had to shrink the Window to get that shit to fit for a screenshot to show some metadata.

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Oy, I'm off to bed. So I was going through and adding tags to pictures in on . Sometimes I forget to add them when I import. Other times I just don't want to do it as it takes a lot of time. I'd say I'm probably ~60 tagged in my library.

Any who, here is a quick screenshot of some general info concerning my photo library...

Just a picture of dinosaur plush because my cat isn't close by. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Alright, this will be the last post until I start flashing some SD cards. We've got a postmarketos splash screen and a factory test app that loads. Stay tuned!

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Back case popped off easy enough. I worked a tiny flathead up the left side of the initial opening and it came off fairly easily.

Contacts are covered for the battery. Removing that. Also censored potential info on the radio.

Also, hardware kill switches 😻

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