Oh these finally were delivered! Heavy breathing intensifies….🍆🍆🍆


Mostly use it for rolling around so it isn’t to terribly beat up. I’m old, leave me alone 👴

I love reading about map distortions. Found this handy little page on a few different maps and their corrective actions for unwrapping a 3d shape onto a single plane for a few different types. Topology is wild! Pictured is the most accurate 2d map, called authograph.

Was checking on my electric bill and I’m pumped! covered our immediate usage plus we shipped a bunch back to the grid. My bill is only a delivery charge and taxes!⚡️⚡️⚡️

Before solar, our bill was around $250 for a family of 5 plus charging a car. Super happy with the setup.

I've always had a lot of beef with mobile devices for a good chunk of reasons, but I hadn't thought this take: Apps/Games being removed because they haven't been updated.

Hell, I still play games on my computer from a decades ago. I wonder how the kids will emulate these terrible apps in the future how we do consoles and arcades. Will they be able too? Who knows.


@danbruno wants to know about your cool you saw today. I smashed a gross stink bug that was in my office. It’s not cool and it’s an invasive species. But here it is.

So while I was on vacation in Florida, I was spending some time in my favorite flea market and stumbled across this gem. Had it not been $2300, I would have bought it.

Went to bed, woke up this morning and the test has come to a crawl. Regardless, new memory is on the way. I’m really surprised that there wasn’t more shit going on with this box. Over the last few months just more and more random stuff was crashing.

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My puter has been acting especially naughty lately. Browser tabs crashing, downloads doing weird shit. Just ghost in the wires shit. Decided to check my memory. Oh boy.

These mofo's got the wrong dumb dumb. Send me a fishing link for mastodon or gtfo...

Best part of having a standing desk isn’t for health. It’s because when you decide to do cable management or to work on your box under the desk you can simply raise it and work comfortably with a chair. This is akin to a mechanic with car lift. 🛠

Still have some work to do, but it’s lunch time and I’ve gotta get these ribs smoking for dinner.

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