Wife sent me a Reddit link for a joke. I clicked it, giggled, and clicked the Navigation bar to type in a new URL. Any who, they obviously must be reading the page to offer suggestions😂🤣

The real question though, how the going to autocorrect fuck to duck every damn time but suggest this🧐🤔

Alright nerds, especially the enterprise linux variety. I'm using SCL packages to install redis 5 on 7. Everything is working fine except the reported version of redis running. redis-cli INFO SERVER reports the redis server as such:


Checking the running redis sentinel version reports the correct version:


No other redis packages are installed and the service files for redis and sentinel starts the SCL binary.

Screenshot for demo

Alright, got some more ...

I parted out an HP Z420 workstation due to a failed power supply. Any who, worked great for its life. Looking to see if anyone can use free parts for an upgrade or something else.

I’ve got one Intel Xeon E5-2670 cpu and 64GB of PC3 ECC memory. Send me a direct message if you want them. You pay for shipping.

Alright, this magical piece of equipment came in today. Look at all of those analog meters and knobs 🥰 will hopefully be able to bring some life to these old arcade monitors.

Tagging @ifixcoinops and @little_tommy because I’m sure they would like to see this.

Apparently this is an upcoming game on Steam. Looks like you get to play a character in a Cinemax adult movie. I need to know about this hedgehog though.

Alright, after everyone went to bed I jumped back into the cap kit for this monitor. Just over halfway done. This is probably the largest soldering/desoldering project I’ve taken on. Still have to remove and add 32 capacitors yet. Been fun though. Nice change of pace.

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Alright, 12 capacitors removed...62 to go 😓

Recapping this monitor is going to take a minute. On the flip side...bought a desoldering iron and holy good god...I wish I would have bought one of these earlier 🥰

Who’s hungry for chips? Got the EEPROM variety, cooler ranch flavored.

New universe bios 4.0 chip for my 2 slot motherboard. 😻🕹

Alright . I've got some old nerd stuff if anyone wants it. I parted out a desktop based server and have a few goods up for grabs. I've got an LSI sas9211-8i raid card and a 4 bay SATA hot swap bay. Free just for you, just cover shipping. DM if you are interested.

Here are these chonky ass 27” tri-mode arcade monitors I picked up for free yesterday. Fucking heavy.

Alright, I hacked on the old electrohome monitor tonight and got it working! Also calibrated the monitor for the lethal enforcers 2 cabinet so gun tracking works really well now 😎 are fun!

@ifixcoinops, I’m still thinking about replacing the caps and the fly back on the g07. Would this help with the brightness? It’s pretty dim, most def have to turn off lights to see a good picture. Horizontal center is also off and not adjustable as far as I can tell.

Glory shot time!

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