Alright, looking at the data for month, here are my porker circuits. 1300kWh of ~2000kWh accounted for. 600kWh goes to lights, rooms, computers, garage, networking, etc.

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Alright, first full month on . Used 611kWh from the grid. I suppose when factoring in this supported an American household of 5 and also fueled an electric car, this is pretty awesome. The numbers don’t line up exactly because my solar app works on months and not custom date’s whereas my electric utility is split between two months. I know a good chunk of my utility spend is climate control. With autumn incoming, should see considerably less use.

Installing some doors today. Fucking hate installing doors. So…when it doesn’t work…get out the hand planner and do your best.

Alright new thread for installing a hidden door. I’ve got the jamb in place and about to shim it up. Let’s go…

That’s a wrap! Flooring is done! Bathroom had a shit load of cuts. Glad it’s done! Celebratory midnight midweek beer!

Alright, that’s a wrap for the weekend of flooring. Did most of the main room. Gotta pause cause I gotta some shit with the oscillating tool and the kids are sleeping. Regardless, it’s a good stopping point!

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Apparently there was a breach at I don’t think I’ve ever had an account there. Regardless…yay for data breaches.

Made my way into the main area. Made good progress for a few hours of work. Lots of cuts from the threshold and the bottom of the stairs. Hopefully I’ll be able to wrap up this room this weekend.

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