I’ve not been able to shake the fact that @barrett is our fedi child celebrity. He could have been on the wrong side of the law as the Evil Bratt did when his career ended. Instead, he’s hacking on fedi software. All the things that could have been in an alternative universe.

Great view for drinking coffee in my jams and all bundled up cause it’s a little chilly outside. My favorite time of year. Coffee is good all the time, it especially in the fall while sitting outside.

Similar to beer after mowing the yard in the dead of summer. It’s a perfect combination.

Meet the squad. All bottom feeders. Use to be a bit more diverse but some uck went through and killed most of the fish. These 3 are the survivors. I’d add more, but the red tail shark is a 💯 grade A asshole. So we have a clown pleco, Chinese algae eater, and a red tail shark. They are all about 3 years old now. I only use RO water in the tank and added some bio balls to the tank and it stays stable. No chemicals added ever.

Lost an esc key somehow during my recent move. Using has been...weird. Any who, wrote to and asked for a replacement key. Well bless their hearts, I received my gratis replacements today. That is customer support!

Me: *sitting in the front porch after mowing the yard*
5 year old Cora: dad, the neighbor kids are outside, can I go play with them?
Me: Sure, have fun
Cora: *sits tablet on end table* I’ll sit my tablet here, don’t let anyone touch it. If they do, fight them. *Runs off*

She’s deadly serious. Cora isn’t here to play games. You touch her shit, it’s lights out. 🔪🩸☠️

After months of being packed up, finally got my set back up. OG Vive with the wireless adapter and some fans. I might upgrade to the cosmos elite since I’ve got the wireless adapter and everything else. I wish Valve would get their shit together and release a wireless adapter for the index.

I’ve stuck with the vive for this long because the tether is a serious immersion killer. I put wireless above all other factors.

My main computer has been turned off for around a month since we moved. Runs arch, so I expected nothing less than this.

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