I didn’t take a before pic, but I made new shed doors in preparation for selling my place. You can see the old ones off to the side. I’m beat.

Interesting take though, I brought a piece of wood with me to match a swatch to match the current shade. The dude running the paint counter has a device that’ll match it to a color automatically at Home Depot.

Long story short, it worked perfectly. I only painted the new doors and the surrounding trim. Paint matched up nicely.

Bonus helper picture🥰

My neighbor’s tree is starting to change already for fall🥰 I was over summer time as soon as it got here.

Ordered a physical copy of the Standalone album and they shipped a sample cd and some stickers. Love little surprises like this.

Doing more digital digging on my archives...I've got a few pictures with Sasha from KMFDM from 2001 after they got back together and in 2017 when they came to . The old picture is from Chicago at the Metro.

I think I was 19 in the first picture and the second picture in and played at the Vogue with .

Getting old is a hell of a drug 😆

While we are talking about the in , another show that really left a mark was when Bob Log III came. If you haven't heard of him, go to youtube/spotify/his web page and play or his buy shit.

I didn't record video but I took some shitty pictures! Linked a recording from this show though!

There was a chick at the show who had a total recall 3 boob setup on dancing. Great show! Linked is Boob Scotch from the show ❤️


Pork butts are cooking! Glory shot to come when they wrap up. Getting close, they’ve been on since early this morning.

Went fishing with my youngest daughter after dinner. No luck, but the view was nice.

Abandoned bird’s nest from the spring in a pine tree in my backyard. Nothing more.

We receive these messages through out the year. But this is the state of public schools in the USA.

My youngest kiddo in school is in kindergarten and my oldest in Middle school. 2 years ago, the middle school 10 minutes away from my house had an active shooter(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noblesvi). Fortunately no one was murdered due to the hero teacher who risked his life to shut the dip-shit down.

I imagine this is a distinctly USA drill, but what about other countries?

I’ll be the first one to say, this is probably a bit much. Coffee. Beer. Pumpkin spice. I don’t care though. Tastes better than I expected though 🎃

Not sure why, but I just had a flash of nestalgia come over me concerning Iomega Zip disks. I didn't have one until i was in high school and it is what I used to transport my digital art from home and school on. CD writers were really cost prohibitive, slow, and not very reliable. Any who, good bye iomega. You didn't stand a chance against the USB flash drive, broadband internet, and cheaper CD RW media that eventually become more reliable.

I had no choice but to buy this on the spot.

Beer ✅
Cat ✅

I’m that guy who judges a book and beer by its cover.

Been busy with a potential new house so I’ve been distracted from my normal fedi time. With that said, here is this tree frog picture I took earlier today. The lack of reptiles and amphibians in the Midwest sucks, but seeing them is always fun.

This is why I married my wife. I share this comic with her and her response:

“I wonder how far it would go, my butt is bigger than hers”

I won the lottery with her🥰

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