I see a lot of great art work cross my timeline. Some seriously inspirational stuff. And to that note, here is a terrible done in 5 minutes of dude with a Mars Attacks style brain coming out of his dome ☠️

Interesting side note, I basically started saving my pictures once my wife and I started going steady. This library starts in August...we officially hooked up sometime in July 2005 I believe. Any who, I shot it on a sidekick2 phone because that's what the cool kids used then.

SUPER high resolution :D Had to shrink the Window to get that shit to fit for a screenshot to show some metadata.

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Oy, I'm off to bed. So I was going through and adding tags to pictures in on . Sometimes I forget to add them when I import. Other times I just don't want to do it as it takes a lot of time. I'd say I'm probably ~60 tagged in my library.

Any who, here is a quick screenshot of some general info concerning my photo library...

Just a picture of dinosaur plush because my cat isn't close by. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Alright, this will be the last post until I start flashing some SD cards. We've got a postmarketos splash screen and a factory test app that loads. Stay tuned!

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Back case popped off easy enough. I worked a tiny flathead up the left side of the initial opening and it came off fairly easily.

Contacts are covered for the battery. Removing that. Also censored potential info on the radio.

Also, hardware kill switches 😻

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We have a little notch on the bottom right corner to get into the guts... Let's have a lil look.

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That back side the phone is pretty uneventful, but here are a few shots to show the texture and whatnot.

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So size references, here is an Samsung Galaxy S9 on the left. The pine phone is larger and is closer in size to my S9+!

It is thicker than the S9 though, not anything at all like the purism phone!

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20 years ago...I did lots of weird things. I still do weird things, but this is probably one of my favorite pictures. Wish I still had this coat.

Side note, that grimmy ass hair of mine had no product in it. It just did stuff.

*waiting continues to intensify*

I was really hoping my would be here this weekend...but with it just not leaving a NY USPS facility this morning in the early AM...I'm not hopeful.

Waiting is always the absolute slowest for the things you want most.

Have any other buyers in the US received their shipment?

*Waiting Intensifies*

So looks like my has finally made it to the United States!

I've read about attendees getting free cases. I'm betting there is one in my shipment, right @PINE64 😜

Holy 💩, it actually worked! Had to install .net 6.2 instead of 4.5...but it worked.

Wife wants to do meal planning and is using an app called Paprika. I don't want to install something else on my phone so I figured I'd try the wine route since they have a Windows app.

I'm seriously impressed.

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Sketched out an eye with the kids today. Nothing terribly exciting or great, but original content none the less.

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