What I’m the holy hell is this business with Diet Coke and coffee creamers being a Mormon thing!? Sounds terrible!

@Clifford You might want to ask for some clarification. Generally Mormons don't drink coke products because their faith says something they interpret as no caffeine containing drinks.

@smellsofbikes I guess something happened in 2012 and they can now. 🤷‍♂️

@smellsofbikes @Clifford The Utah soda canneries sell a LOT of caffeine free varieties to the locals. Can confirm - live in SLC area.

@smellsofbikes @Clifford - One thing that definitely seems out of place about the article it came from though - it's absolutely not a "Utah Staple".

@gallowglas @smellsofbikes I should have referenced the original article. She totally made it sound like everyone in Utah was drinking it😂🤣

@Clifford - It's probably real. Utah is ground zero for all of the 'dirty soda' franchises, because non caffeinated soda mixed with fruit or syrups and extremely large cookies were deemed an acceptable vice for LDS kids. In some parts of state those stores are basically a replacement for bars for deeply repressed college kids.
Caffeine-free Diet Coke with coffee creamer sounds like a cheap and fast version of the stuff you could knock out in a dorm kitchen.
It also sounds disgusting.

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