Pancake lens upgrade came in the mail today for my headset today!

@JoYo no this is a pancake lens instead of the fresnel lens. So it makes the sweet spot much bigger and gets rid of the god rays. Much nicer image fidelity!

@Clifford oh nice, any reason why headsets don’t use those? im sure they’re more expensive but I can get prescription glasses for $20.

@JoYo I bet if/when vr goes main stream, I bet that’ll be a thing. My brother in law plays a lot but uses contacts.

@Clifford i was just commenting on the quality of the lenses. every HMU i’ve worn had fresnel lens which looks terrible.

@JoYo ahh, yeah o hope they start doing them in all the next gen stuff. This mod uses 3d printed frames that hold scavaged lenses from a Samsung gear vr that fit my cosmos elite. Sacrifices a little field of view but the improved optics are sooooo nice. Great $80 spent!

@Clifford i want to get prescription lenses so i don't have to wear glasses when playing vr games
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