Upgrading all the stuff cause I can't sleep.

✅ Chef-client on all of my nodes
✅ Chef-Workstation on jumpbox
✅ Mastodon
✅ NextCloud + php8 + redis
✅ Peertube
✅ Pfsense router for my VPC environment
✅ Patching and system maintenance

Going to submit a PR tomorrow/today for a gap in documentation I found in nextcloud a few days ago.


I find it very unironic that after I restarted my physical machine, I didn't wait to verify anything...I just went to bed. I'm host everything on a single machine. When all of the VMs come up, sometimes the order of things coming up isn't done right and services fail. This instance, Nginx and Synapse needed restarted because the database hadn't come up fast enough.

One of these days, I'll see if I can stagger systems starting up QEMU.

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