Any one here using a Maslow cnc machine or an m2? Maybe I’ve asked this before? 🤔 @fortifieduniverse, didn’t you say you had one? Seriously considering building one once I get the basement done.

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@Clifford @fortifieduniverse my cuz has an x carve by inventables, it looks pretty cool. I want to get into cnc stuff


Well come on over/down/up to Indiana and you can use my stuff whenever you want.

I have never left my own border :/ now I have yet another reason to do so. Currently biggest benefit would be to escape the billows of smoke in my backyard that are wreaking havoc on my sinuses.

@Clifford I'm on a Shapeoko XL. I looked at the Maslow years ago, but it doesn't look as "housebreak-able" as the tabletop CNC stuff.

I had a little Chinese 3018 ($249) before the Shapeoko, and I used it to make all kinds of motion control robot parts out of 6mm MDF.

I actually haven't fired it up in about 3 months. Been working on film and music stuff. I'll get back to the furniture stuff eventually. I've got a huge backlog of stuff I need to design and build.

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