Alright we managed to ruin fucking yogurt. And love pumpkin spice….but leave the yogurt out of it.

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Alright, here it is. The international section…Europe specifically…

Totally going to buy some caramel stroopwafels.

Look at this mofucka back here hiding…I hear it’s got enough salt in a serving to kill someone.

@Clifford Stroopwaffels are the best.

Shocked that Barry's tea is available. I have friends in Ireland who swear by it. Can't get it here, but then, I would probably be upset that it is not as good as all the pu ehr and oolong that I have (:

@Clifford I haven’t tried that flavor. The honey flavored yogurt is good

@Clifford @Lordimpala
That's enough sugar/experimenting for a month in my book...

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