Alright, today’s arcade goal is to clean and recap G07 Electrohome chassis and tube and clean this cabinet it was in. Not even sure I’ll use this cabinet in my basement, but I’ll clean it up and make it look nice and we’ll see where I land afterwards.

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Like brand new. Used some krud kutter and then hosed it off. Used my compressor and blew off as much water as possible. I’ve got a fan on it now. I’ll probably pull the board and recap out tonight.

Alright, got it up on the work bench now. Board is in pretty good shape. Some of the solder joints have some rust that I’ll touch up on. I’ve got a cap kit as well as new pots. Let’s get to work.

Caps are removed. Replacing them all with nichicon caps. No joke, desoldering gun was the best thing I’ve picked up in a while. Makes desoldering easy, less stressful, and surprisingly satisfying.

Alright, that’s enough for the day. Board is capped and new pots installed. I’ll probably put it all back together this week and see if we fixed any of the issues it had before. I’m looking for an adapter for this monitor to use with my rejuvenator to bring some life to the tube, but I’m hoping this may fix some of the other issues. We’ll see. 🤞

Alright so holy fuck. After replacing all of the caps and pots, adjusting the b+ voltage…this monitor looks REALLY GOOD! Excuse the refresh line 😂🤣 Good old analog tech. All that is left now is to clean up this cabinet. I think we’ll get it ready for the basement!


I did not see how many slots are in the NeoGeo unit (: 1,2,4, or "the big one?" (: (Tho I hear the big one is the least reliable.)


I just recapped it, it’s a two slot! Really happy with how this project wrapped up concerning making the electronics whole again.

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