So it comes with great excitement that I announce that after the allotted 6 month period of time to complete my rough in construction for inspection on my basement that I have called for an inspection...only being 1 month over 😆

We'll see how Monday works out 🤞

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Alright, inspection was pretty good although it still failed. My fire blocking and framing was good and 99% of the electrical was good. We need a few outlets installed in locations that don't have one. The bathroom outlet is weird. It has to be on 12/2 wire and tied into a GFI circuit. We'll be able to tie into existing 12/2 for the bathroom circuit since it runs through the basement. Just a junction box and running some wire 😎

Really happy otherwise. Glad there isn't major rework 😅

@Clifford 'Round these parts they want the bathroom outlets on their own circuit. And they also wanted an outlet in the connected utility closet to be GFCI as well.


Yeah, same here. All the bathrooms are on the same circuit so I plan on tying into that since that run is exposed in the basement. For the outlet in the utility closet, there was a single gfi circuit down there already that we moved to that room.

@Clifford nice, we I was pulling wire professionally I would always leave 1 or 2 obvious easy fix things for the inspector to point out so they could feel like they were doing their job
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