So I watched First Blood, the first Rambo movie for the first time since I was a kid. Jesus, watching as a kid he was just a bad ass fighting evil cops. Watching as an adult, he’s a war vet struggling with mental health issues and struggling to adjust to civilian life who was wrapped up with a corrupt police department and did what people with mental health issues do: be unpredictable. I bet this hit home for many.

Take 5 minutes and revisit the softer side of Rambo.

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I rewatched this movie recently too and you hit the nail on the head, it was way different than I remember.

@Clifford I've never watched the movie because ... well, it wasn't put forth as a movie about a person.

That scene is about a person.

I think I'll watch the movie sometime. I ... don't know what the next scene is from that scene and I kinda... need to know.


I’m working my way through the series. Can’t speak for the others, but the first one was pretty good. I certainly have a different respect for it as an adult, that’s for sure!


A friend of mine who was a Vietnam vet gave me a copy of the book years ago. Of course, the book is much more interesting than the movie, though the movie was better than usual movie adaptations. One big difference though is the ending.

Spoiler coming...

The ending of the book is entirely different. While Rambo is sitting on top of the hill, watching the town burning and exploding, the sheriff gets into a firing position behind him and blows is head off.


Damn, that sounds pretty intense. Unfortunately, that ending wouldn't have allowed more Rambo films. Might need to read the book, that sounds like the book has a different narrative.

On the flip side, the second and third Rambo movies are fucking TRASH. Just your cliche 80's military action movie. I feel like it served a purpose that wasn't solely entertainment and it did it pretty well.

Need to watch the last two in the series to round out my view. I don't have high hopes 😅


The movie tracked the book pretty well, up until the end. But in the end of the day though, you really can't blow up a town and kill people you don't like. Except in a war zone I guess.

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