Did some more hiking. Took some really nice pictures with my dslr that I’ll mess with when I get home.

Taking a ferry across the sound to get home. First time rolling on one.

Alright, last picture of Seattle. Had to go visit the iconic space needle.


The wide beaches of kalaloch were spectacular. We actually stayed at the lodge for the night and it was great. No easy beach access from the lodge but from afar it was pretty spectacular. I’ve not seen the Pacific Ocean for some time.

And that friends, concludes my Washington state trip. If I was forced to pick a favorite, it would absolutely be the Northern Cascades National Park. I’m confident I’ll come back and do some primitive camping and kayaking after awhile. It was absolutely beautiful.


It’s been an awesome trip. Nice to get out of Indiana for a bit and see some new shit. I’ve always had a travel itch for the Pacific Northwest and I’m certainly getting it in. Going to do an overnight at a lodge in Olympic National Park and see a few highlights and do some hiking before going hike Friday. It’s going to pain me to leave.

@Clifford We love to hike Hurricane Ridge and Ho River. Rialto beach, too. Marvelous!

@Clifford No access even south? You can walk or drive up to the camp ground parking lot to access the beach north of the creek. There is another staircase in the D loop on the north end of the campground.

@Clifford Anyway, I’m so glad you stopped there. It’s a pretty magical place.

@Clifford *the beach heading south, at the end of the cabins, I mean.


All of the access points at the lodge were closed due to damage caused over winter. We spent a good amount of time at Ruby beach so I didn’t feel too terribly put out. Such an awesome strip! Thanks again for the pointers🙏

@Clifford Really!?! That’s too bad. I was there in May and it was open. Maybe something new.

And you’re welcome! Glad you could enjoy it, and the cabins. They’re sweet. I always wanted to spend a stormy winter weekend there.

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