So I think this new hybrid water really is going to rock. 6 days on it and it only used 16kWh. Looking at the previous 6 days, and my old water heater used 60kWh. Using 75% less energy.

Assuming .12 per kWh, this is a savings of $5.28 every 6 days or about $316 a year. Probably one of the few times an home household appliance will pay for itself over time! Should pay for itself around ~6 years of ownership.

I think this may even be cheaper than natural gas 😮

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@Clifford uhhh i might be in the market for a water heater -- more info plz


So I installed a Rheem Hybrid Water heater. Installation was pretty easy. Bought a few sticks of pex, some shark bite couplers, and installed it in a few hours. Lowes also has a hybrid water heater, but I don't think it was as efficient and I hadn't heard of the brand name.

Uses 240v 30amp breaker which I had already for my existing install. Difference between ProTera and Platinum is ProTera has a water sensor and auto shutoff valve.


When I ordered mine, I did an 80 gallon ProTera since it was on sale at the time for $400 less than retail 🍆

It has two rebates in my area but only the federal one is applicable since I didn't pay to have it installed. Still $300 off! That actually reduces my time to break even to 5 years 🍆 🍆


Hybrid in this case is it is using a heat pump to pull heat from ambient air and transferring the thermal energy to the water as well as using a heating element if needed.

It has a few modes of operation:
Heat Pump Only - only heat pump, low regen
Energy Saver - heat pump and element, high regen
High Demand heat pump and more element, faster regen
Electric only - fastest regen, lots of power
Vacation - maintain ~60 degree water


I run energy saver most of the time but set it to high demand in the evenings but I have yet to see a spike if/when the element kicks on. I don't even think we are using enough water to make the element kick in so I bet we could stick with energy saver all the time.

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