I've been a huge fan of Krypt.co for a few years now because I could have an SSH key on my iPhone which is almost always with me. This feature was not a primary use of service; they aimed to make 2FA as easy as possible. But it was a fantastic feature.

Well, Akamai bought them out and this feature no longer exists.



It's weird that Akamai would jump into something so end user specific. Normally they operate on the network between us and a destination. Wonder if they have any other end user products that I'm just blind of.

Reading about what krypt.co WAS though, sounds pretty great.

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@Clifford I had a shell alias "kssh" and "ksftp" that would use the ssh key on my phone. It sends a push notification for approval (once, allow for 15 mins, or deny) and it used the key on your phone to sign and allow the ssh connection to succeed. I think it routes that channel through some cloud websockets. Was super cool.

Plus they had a teams feature I always wanted to use that let you have a full audit trail of everyone using their Krypt keys to login to servers, and you could even control which servers people were authorized to login to regardless of whether or not their SSH key was deployed on the servers.

Everything about this was so much cooler than the U2F push notification service they were promoting, but obviously the SSH user base is so much smaller than the U2F user base so they didn't concentrate on that aspect of the business
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