Aright, got the control panel laid out and drilled for my testing work bench. Will slap some buttons in it tonight and get ready to wire it up tomorrow. I opted to do all 6 buttons for the JAMMA harness and both coins. Mostly because I’ve got old buttons and switches laying around. Figure for testing, it makes sense to be able to test as much as possible.

Anything else you think I should slap on here @ifixcoinops?

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Tomorrow’s work will focus around the business end of this operation. Waiting on a few more things, but should be able to wrap this up by the weekend.


Buttons and micro switches are installed in the control panel. Waiting on a few parts to show up today before I can work on wiring.


Since I’m already out here in the garage working on arcade stuff... may as well take a break and murder some dinosaurs.

Alright, didn’t get much progress done last night. My Indian friend came over last night and made dinner and drank. Probably funner than working on this project 🤣😂

So, I’ve just cut out the hole for power switch. Smoked like a MUTHA and was sure it was going to fire up 😂🤣 guess I didn’t realize how dull my Rockwell blade was. Oh well, it performed dutifully.

Aright, so all of the sides are cut and I’ve used a kreg jig to get all of my holes ready. Back side is glued and attached. Dry for for the sides looks pretty good. Perhaps eagle eyed viewers may see the right side is using 3/4. That’s because I ran out of 1/2 ply 😅 I’m using scrap to build this thing cause I’m resourceful.

Alright, the main box is assembled. I poked an access hole on the side for the jamma harness. I probably need to put a bigger one on the backside for a vga cable for a video converter.

Any who, working with 1/2” material reminded me of how much I don’t like it. You don’t have much room for error. I’m using 1” screws and it’s edge mounted so there is some edge poke through. I’ve got some edging that cover it and keep me from shredding my hands and anything else that could get snagged.

This should do the trick. Bit if wood glue, some clamps, and go eat lunch.

Alright, most of the electronics are installed. Still waiting on speakers and I need some risers for the vga board. I mounted the control panel on hinges for easy access. Finally, I’ve for some terminal blocks installed but I don’t think I need the -5 so I need to relabel that for ground as I’m sure I’ll have a few of those. Mostly done though!

@Clifford If you're doing a mamebox you might wanna put on one extra button that's like a "shift" button which'll make other buttons do things like exit the game, pull up the MAME menu etc

What'd you drill the holes with?


Nah, no mame. This is for testing boards outside of a cabinet. I drilled the holes with 1 1/8th spade bit.

@Clifford I think you're good, then. For future hole drilling in wood, plywood especially, a Forstner bit will make neater holes.

@Clifford Ah, I have the same set plus another Ryobi set with different sizes.

I posted the "FAST CLEAN HOLES | FLAT BOTTOM HOLES" text with the question "Which are you?" but got fewer replies than I was expecting


😂🤣 yeah, the back of this board looks like a bomb went off. I could have put a sacrificial board behind it, but who has time to make a test machine look like a show piece?

@Clifford Oh aye you'll still blow out the back with a forstner bit unless you put in a sacrificial board. But you won't blow out the front too. ;)

(your button edges will hide the nibbles so nbd, it only really becomes an issue if it's really bad)

I might have missed a toot which explained which hardware will be used to power this device? I was thinking of making something similar, but I simply don't have the room to put it 😅


It’s just a regular dc power supply. It’ll provide 5 and 12 volt dc power.

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