Alright nerds, especially the enterprise linux variety. I'm using SCL packages to install redis 5 on 7. Everything is working fine except the reported version of redis running. redis-cli INFO SERVER reports the redis server as such:


Checking the running redis sentinel version reports the correct version:


No other redis packages are installed and the service files for redis and sentinel starts the SCL binary.

Screenshot for demo

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My original thought was that the redis config had a line where it was pinned to a specific version but that doesn't appear to be the case unless I'm missing something. Thanks for any help my fellow nerds.

Also worth mentioning, is everything is working exactly how it should be. The version number is tripping me up.

Well friends, don't computer and be tired at the same time. In my redis-cli command, I was connecting to an older redis instance.

All is well in the land of redis and sentinel. Nothing to see here, just an overtired primate 🐒

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