Alright fedi...let’s see your electricity usage.

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@Clifford is one neighbour welding and another running a server farm off your outside plugs? about 1/4 of that usage with heat pump running in aircon or dry mode most days for peak summer.


Large family, electric car, and an electric water heater that is terribly inefficient. Our oven is also electric and used daily. Moved all lighting to LED, and all appliances are HE. But would love to lower usage even more.

@Clifford we have lpg hot water on demand and its super efficient and cheap. but if you dont want fossil or have access to good electric, at our old place I installed one for the new gen cylinders that is rated for outdoors, but put it indoors. they are a bit more dear but super efficient and run so much less to maintain temp.

@Clifford I have a PHEV, but heat & hot water are gas here. On average 3 people in the household.

I have all LED (er, a couple of CFL's around) lighting, but also have several PCs that are on 24 x 7. I'm sure I could lower mine a bit with a little more discipline.
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