Big oof, finished cleaning the kitchen finally after my wife and kiddos did some Christmas baking. Don’t get me wrong. Cleaning the kitchen after a baking event is going to suck. Ingredients are strewn about and big kitchenware is used in gratuitous amounts. Normally, they pay off is baked goods. Not tonight.

Fucking sugar cookies.

I’m doing all the heavy lifting for terrible sugar cookies. Honestly, I feel robbed and abused.

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@Clifford 😄 My wife loves sugar cookies but I don't even like them. I might have a bite but probably won't finish a cookie.

@Clifford Agreed sugar cookies = trash.

Though a part of me wonders if the true reason why they suck is because everyone does them wrong. Maybe they need to be baked hot enough to lightly caramelize the sugar? Then maybe they need a bit of salt to provide that sweet/salty contrast?

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