Who has solar power and how do you feel about it?

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i do. it's neat having the aircon on 85% of the time and then getting an electricity bill for, like, $4.50 at the end of the quarter.

it'd be neater if we had a big-ass battery, but the power companies are making it hard to do that. so far.



Oh man, that is dreamy. How many kW is your system?

I'm looking at doing battery storage to double down on the usage. My state also has net metering that I'd like to get in on as well. From a financial standpoint, it seems to make reasonable sense. From a "green" standpoint, it seems a no brainer. Mostly motivated at this point though on the financial aspect 💰


> How many kW is your system?

not entirely sure - i think it's somewhere around 200kw.

@Clifford I have it and love it.
We had a group in our county put together a group deal where the county vetted the installer and because so many people for it installed it was cheaper.
We've had it just over a year. No battery because they were still as expensive as the entire system at the time.
We have a 6.5kwp system and we generate on average what we use. My power bills all summer long were about $8. The fee to connect to the grid.

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