My wife just had me turn the heat on πŸ˜“ I think the house feels lovely.

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@barrett @Clifford mini splits are amazing and if I was replacing mine and I wasn't a middle unit in my condo. Running the lines isn't easy in my case.

@feld @barrett

Oh that does look pretty sweet! We are currently dual zone with some magical dampers stuff going on. The cost difference when we had it installed was $2k vs single. Seriously the best money we spent! The new house we are moving into has a single zone AND the unit is 7 years old and is some builder grade bullshit. Will start saving for multi zones or the mini splits.

@Clifford CLEARLY you set it to 69 degrees so everyone in the house can't stop saying "nice!!! :blobsunglasses:​ "

(seriously though 66 degrees sounds wonderful)

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