Doing more digital digging on my archives...I've got a few pictures with Sasha from KMFDM from 2001 after they got back together and in 2017 when they came to . The old picture is from Chicago at the Metro.

I think I was 19 in the first picture and the second picture in and played at the Vogue with .

Getting old is a hell of a drug 😆

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@Clifford the first picture of two you were 19 in 2001 and the the second picture of three in Indianapolis in 2017...


Yessir. I'm the dude on the far left in the group picture. The dude with with the mohawk in both is the lead singer of a band called KMFDM from Germany.


Don't hold back, give us some Kenyan artists! Lets hear it 🎵 ❤️

@Clifford in this the picture of five, you're on the far left....
Our music are not good, we listen more of chainsmokers, coldplay, Jonas Brothers, Jonas Blue, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, and all famous western music, our music culture is mostly influenced by that of US... Ugandan, Tanzanian, Nigerian, Ghanian, Ethiopian and South African are different and have originality of Afro beat.

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