Alright my fans, I present Leaving performed by . I recorded this some time ago back in 2013 and finally sharing it with the world. I fan boied so fucking hard for this show. Tiny 30 or 50 people. Meet and greet afterwards. All the good shit.

Check it ~>

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Oh, well it looks like Siebold has gone it alone with a new release under a band named Standalone, get at it here:

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Oh man, it's pretty great! This is off of their album Release It which is probably their best. But all of their stuff has a great sound <3

@Clifford My goodness, that's fantastic. Thank-you for sharing it.


Seriously glad you like it! I'm so glad I found it rummaging through my digital garbage and equally happy I can share it thanks to !

@Clifford Oh dang, I didn't even know they got back together. I really wanted to see them live, but they went inactive right before I moved to a city big enough to have industrial bands play there.


Yeah, they did this show on the way back from playing a show in Chicago. It snowed something fierce and the almost didn't make it.

I hope they tour again 🤞

@Clifford That's cool. I used to see a ton of shows at The Fenix Underground, a bunch of people told me that Hate Dept. was like their house band, but I never got to see them there.

Did see lots of others, though. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Ministry, Front 242, SMP, Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, probably lots more I'm forgetting.


Oh man, the classics! I love them all. Some of my best memories involved all those mentioned above in some shape or form. Certainly makes me feel old as shit 😆

@Clifford Yeah, same. Not really helping that my industrial tastes are pretty stuck in time. I sort of dropped out of following things when 90% of all the new stuff started sounding like low-rent VNV Nation ripoffs. If you have recommendations & don't mind sharing, I'd sure love some.


Yeah, for sure. Industrial certainly has some pretty low quality shit.

Check out these:
Revolting Cocks
Sister Machine Gun
Imperative Reaction
Swamp Terrorists

Newer electro stuff:
All Your Sisters
Crystal Castles
The Knife

I'm probably drawing a blank on some stuff. This is stuff I keep in a playlist of my faves. You have any recommendations? I ❤️ new music!


Add 3teeth to the list as well for some new school shit.

@Clifford Sorry, I think I wasn't clear: I'm specifically interested in bands founded from 2000 onward.

I know most of those bands (definitely will check the ones I don't know), but I haven't found a new industrial band that blew me away in ages. Whereas in the 90s, it felt like I'd trip over some amazing new act all the time. Especially because so many of the main groups each had a bunch of side projects.

@Clifford Older stuff, I'd also throw out:

Mentallo & the Fixer
Suicide Commando (the early stuff)
Nitzer Ebb
Cabaret Voltaire


Zeromancer 😻 Can't believe I left them out! Few others on here I'll check out, bookmarked!


Ahhh, yeah...I kinda feel like Industrial hit its prime and died a slow death. I'm thankful that the megas are still releasing content.

I posted a few newer electronic bands. 3teeth and All Your Sisters feel like something old school...but new. Crystal Castles and The Knife are in the same vein as something like Bjork or Massive Attack.

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