So I’ve got 3 major milestones to announce that involve each of my kiddos:

My oldest is now the techie with my parents, helping with LastPass and getting them setup on my new Matrix server. This brings my endless joy🥰, also starts middle school this week😓

My middle child starts kindergarten this week and my heart is broken. I’m not ready for her to grow up🥺

My lil man, at 2.5 years old hasn’t wet a single diaper aside from naps and overnight In 2 days because he’s been asking for the potty.

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Being a parent is rewarding in all these weird ways I never would have imagined. Watching then grow up has been a trip and I’m glad we did it.

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@Clifford 3 x wonderful. keep that as a reminder. 💪👍😄

@Clifford sir, i have bowed to the south, in your honour.

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