Alright, tattoo appointment to cover up an old tattoo is set. September 15th @ 11am. This friend has done every tattoo of mine except for my first and he's touched that one up as well. I've known him since I was 14, so we've got some history. I trust his work and I like supporting my circle. If you are ever in the Indiana and you know in advance you'd like some work done, I recommend you hit up Nick Fabini of Fort Wayne Indiana's Cardinal Tattoo.

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I'm trying to take a picture of all of the work on me, but it's on the backs of my arms 😆 They've held up amazingly well. I'm having "Killing" and "Machine" covered up as I'd like something I bit more interesting than words.


💯! My first tattoo is my least interesting and will probably be a cover up eventually. Can most def tell it wasn't done by my regular dude.

@Clifford btw, if you get any large work done i found this to be the best solution. e.g., my entire leg is a pain in the ass to shave and any nicks/cuts lead to dark spots that take forever to clear up

It's basically Nair for black people with sensitive skin, but fuck does it work great

Didn't know a shaving powder existed! For the coverup, I'm planning on getting a angry toothy looking shark on my left side with some waves or other ocean elements and on the right side doing an angry toothy looking T-Rex with jungle elements. Should be pretty good sized. I'm excited!

@Clifford yeah you make a paste out of it. smells a little funky but it dissolves your hair and removes the first layer of dead skin. makes your skin REALLY shiny and makes the tattoo colors pop like it's fresh again

throw on some cocoa butter or something and you're ready to rock
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