Real question though, can it play Doom? 馃槅

I should fire this up sometime to hack around with it.

@Clifford are you asking if classic Macintosh can run Doom, or Plan 9? :)

@Clifford yeah, though I don't think it's particularly great for games or real-time multimedia stuff. (Could be, if more people worked on it.) I don't use it that often or very seriously, just occasionally for fun/curiosity.

Yeah, I need to get into it to mess around with it. It's been on my radar for a pretty long time. Mostly because of the Ed Wood reference 馃樆

@Clifford that's the weirdest reason I've ever heard for someone to want to use Plan 9, and I've seen some weird stuff


I'd argue anyone who is an Ed Wood fan is probably weird, so that this ranked on your scale of weirdness is a badge of pride. 馃檱

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